Stuck at Logging in to Game Server

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Back on. Thanks Blizz!
So what's the scuttlebutt?
Having same issue here.
Same. Can't get in. Gremlins have stolen the ether.!
HaHaHaHaHa - Gulp (Scotch) - HaHaHaHa
Same issue.....
I'm in!
I'm also unable to log on. Stays on the "Logging In" message for a bit, then it goes to: You have been disconnected from the server. (WOW519...) Glad I'm not alone.
Me too, cant log in either
Same issue Error (WOW51900102) if coming from the launcher and (WOW51900319) if trying from inside WoW Client
that's funny, I haven't seen anyone getting pissy

OOPS....there they go...rofl
Yup cant log in i get disconnect error WOW51900102 as well.Looks Blizz is at it again.
Let me sum up the comments in one word: REEEEEEEEEEE!!
working now, yay
09/04/2018 04:57 PMPosted by Hordemart
Time for me to watch Big Mouth on Netflix! ,Time for me to watch Big Mouth on Netflix!

Big Mouth is a trip but try Paradise PD
plz help
09/04/2018 04:58 PMPosted by Goraan
I hope it ain't the Russian bots hacking into wow again

The Russians want our Azerite :(

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