Stuck at Logging in to Game Server

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I am getting this code WOW51900319. Was trying to log into Kel'Thuzad.
Same bug here, can't log on and now i'm forced to interact with real people...fix it!!!
Add me to the list

watching some fun wipes on random streams while I wait
like really... raid starts soon and i cant get in??? come on..
Hey all,

Thank you for the reports, this is being looked into. I'll try to provide an updates as soon as I have more information.
WHY?! Why blizzard WHY!?

I wana speak to the manager
15 minutes before Raid starts, same problem.
Sanded the deck this afternoon...
Gonna go stain the deck now...
Same, lol.
turtles are Blizz employees... I get it thats what takes so long... we are the tortollans
Same here
Error code: WOW51900102
yep, first day with warfronts, and first day with new to be expected that authentication servers are overloaded

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