Taloc + Mage Shimmer

Bug Report
While battling Normal Taloc tonight in Uldir, my mage's Shimmer spell (with Arcane Momentum applied) was not working properly. It seemed like it was blinking me backwards? Or some other way that was definitely not forward or the way I was running! I'm assuming it's due to the fight being on an elevator platform, but it continued in Phase 3 while the elevator was on the bottom floor as well. As far as I can tell, this bug seems to be limited to this fight, as Shimmer has been working properly in the world itself.

Thank you for looking into this! :)
I also had this issue on both normal and heroic. I didn't have the same issue when the elevator reached the bottom floor, my blink worked fine then, but while the elevator was moving I would either blink backwards or didn't move at all. I did see someone else mention that having momentum enabled might be the cause for the issue, but I haven't tested out blinking with momentum disabled yet. Given that elevators in game have had issues for a long while now I don't see this getting fixed anytime soon.
Im also having this issue. Momentum + Shimmer + Elevator seems to make you only teleport backwards or not at all
me too
I'm also experiencing this problem.

Trying to clear the boss and I keep shimmering into blood pools and being very confused :(
Same its very annoying and frustrating
Also having this issue
Yup, this is still an issue on Mythic. You've got to stop, face the direction you want, then continue your movement. Very frustrating, I hope this gets fixed soon.
I dont use shimmer but have momentum, and it teleports me backwards on norm, heroic, mythic. Very very annoying

Also on G'huun when moving the orbs up on the sides, blink would sometimes just blink me in place, or backwards 2 feet.
Exact same issue here, had it so far in both Heroic and Mythic today. Had issue in normal and heroic last week too
This bug happens to me on all elevators period but is especially worrisome on H+Taloc blinking backwards into the bad. Compounding the issue, Ice Block is on the global and depending on the situation your backwards blink will kill you.
Also have the same issue consistently. Although I do not have the Arcane Momentum Glyph. 95% of shimmer or blinks (I've tried both to see if either would be better) send me backwards or don't move my character at all. This issue has been happening since day 1 of Uldir. I would have expected it to be fixed after almost one and half months.
I have been having this issue since the release of uldir. No matter N or H Taloc. If I use forward key and click shimmer I move backwards instead.... Doesn't matter which spec I'm playing, still bugged.
Same problem here. Happened to me last night on heroic and mythic. Got caught in pools twice. Seems if you stand still and blink your ok. Going to remove arcane momentum and try again tonight. I’ll post an update if it works or not.

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