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No pressure guild yet you say we have to be active on your FB? or what we can't be a member?
Well, we are so busy and doing so good I absolutely forgot about this post! Bad red!

@Constitine yes to be an officer you need to be on Discord but no longer FB. Personally I hate FB but it's a necessary evil in today's world it seems. Also this is an Officer recruitment post (yea highly unorthodox and a bit crazy)

Officers MUST be on Discord even if they have no mic. Members do not but until Blizzard find a way for us to communicate things we are doing in a way that is like a forum, they will miss out on the events we do. Things like giving away a Sky Golem or a contest for an awesome BOE transmog item. There is just no way to show us keeping track of the events or relaying news like a forum can. And well Discord has a built in forum and it's free.

Lets be honest if you're so anti-social that FB or Discord scares you away a "social" guild is prob not for you...am I right?

Anyhow, we are doing very awesome! Come join us!

Edit: woo my spelling sucks plz excuse badspellingmatism
BE CAREFUL! The insanity is contagious and doesn't wash off. I have tried....

Just to reiterate what Red said, those requirements are for the Officer positions only. We have those aspects of social media for those members that want them. General guild admittance is not the same.

The requirements for general guild membership is simply a high tolerance for the level of mature immaturity we wish to foster and a character must log in at least every 3 months. The activity requirement is based on current needs. If interest was there it might be shortened to allow for more frequent players to join our numbers.
yea i have been playing with these guys for quite awhile and we have a really good time together
Still on the prowl for prospective officers! Come join our kinda crazy!
Got ideas? Wish you were part of a team? Part of a community? Looking for a hands on roll in your guild? Come talk to us. We are looking for you!
Still looking for folks with "The right stuff"!

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