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Just like the title, When I look up popular spell rotations for my Arms Warrior I see it listed in a numbered format.

Is it as simple as that's the order I activate those spells? Is there more to it?

I understand there would be different rotations depending the encounter but just looking for a basic understanding of what rotations mean.

Check out the class/spec guides at
For most classes, they cover both single target and aoe rotations and how talent choices may impact them.
A rotation is mostly just a priority checklist for your class. It tells you what spell you're meant to use under which circumstances. For the most part, that means a standard abc format that changes very little. The differences come from things like spell procs, number of enemies, and available resource (energy, combo points, holy power, etc.) and knowing when you need to change the basic format for something different in order to take advantage of what you have.
Pretty much all classes work on a priority system, not a strait 123 type rotation. So, the lists you are seeing are the priority order of the spells. If you have multiple things ready to go, you cast the one closest to the top of the list. (That is often why you'll see the same ability more than once in the list with different circumstances listed.)
thanks for info everyone!
Generally, if an ability list is numbered, the numbers represent priority, not rotation order. What this means is that you should do the highest thing on the list that you can do at any given time. For example, if Bladestorm is above Overpower in the list, then you should keep using Overpower whenever Bladestorm is on cooldown.

This can become confusing when you're dealing with "if you have 60 rage" conditions when you haven't started fighting. It can be reasonable to start a fight with the 4th thing on the list, if you haven't powered up enough to do anything better yet.

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