Can't log in (WOW51900102)

Technical Support
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Game server appears to be offline. GG, prime time evening outage here on the east coast.

Don't we pay enough sub fees for active monitoring on the single points of failure? Or is the infrastructure being run by the C team like development seems to be now?
Ditto. From Hyjal.
I can log into every other blizzard game but WoW.
same, launch still !@#$ after weeks LOL. plz fix AH
i went to switch realms, and now i also can not log back into the game
Same, stuck at "Logging in to game server"
Oh my god. Fix this please.
Same for me and my friend.
I had logged in fine, was just restarting the client after changing up some addons, now I got this issue as well. Bad timing I guess.
Same here, WOW51900102
same on stormrage....

is this where servers dont come back up for like 3-4 hours again?
Same, Silver Hand. Worked earlier today, does not now.
Same here, Area 52
I'll add my voice from Eonar to the mix.
same error here.
sure fun paying for a game that keeps not working when i actually have time to play and there is new content
Yup, same here!

Edit: I was not fixing any addons. Was merely logging in after supper.

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