Questing to 120?

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For those who have had extensive experience with hitting 120, should I just focus on story-progression quests to get through the zones faster, or should I complete every quest in a hub before moving on?

I'm not entirely interested in immersing in the story or lore, just whatever can get to 120 the fastest. This character also didn't exist in Legion, so i have no legendaries or anything, should that matter.
I finish an entire area, not just for story, but also for some decent upgrades and transmog items.
Do any addons help? I've downloaded Azeroth Auto Pilot, but so far it seems the only benefit is the auto turn in/auto accept quests.
Doing only the main story brings me to around 116. I dungeon grind the rest of the way. Questing is faster though if that's what you want.
Finish zones until you have the achievement for each one, you will more than likely reach 120 before you have completed all 3, not only as Ogdenir said for decent upgrades but for Pathfinder Part 1. Oh and the Alliance storyline for me was tons of fun, much preferred it to the Horde and I'm a predominantly Horde player (17-1).
The auto pilot addon I've noticed is broken up into 3 parts

1) suppose to help complete the main storyline for WQ unlock
2) Quests that are close to each other and don't involve traveling in out of "main" questing areas e.g. Ashvane story in Vol'dun or Nazmir tar pit quest.
3) An eventually turn in of multiple quests at once, that if done in an out of order process would result in back tracking.
Only do the quests you need to finish the zone achievements. You will need these to unlock other things.

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