[Thunderhorn]Vanilla PvPers From Opp Faction?

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Who do you remember from the enemy faction that was a worthy opponent? Since I mained a Warlock back then I keenly remember a few Rogues who were effective:

Themilkman + Hamja combo (these two were always sneaking around Ironforge!)

Also non-rogues: Magerko, Domepatrol, Sluga, and Dithelda come to memory.
Mecurito, Sluga, Helghast, Kanze, Hawk, Alamo, Exziled, Libah (warlock?), Ubiquitous, plenty more. D:<
I'll list the ones I can remember.

For Alliance: Kanze, Aksana, Warrek, Hakkei, Hitdemon (he /spit on me though), Barov, Protec

For Horde: Helghast, Spicer, Pochahontas (best FC ever), Magerko (cool guy), Killacali, Eisenhart, Maureen, Anaron, Krow, Doomzor

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