Escort Quests Are Just The Worst

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Look, I know that Blizzard try to change it up a bit when it comes to questing, but escort quests are just the most terrible things possible. Make NPCs go as slow as possible, making them stop if you aren't within 5-10 feet of them, and making them run into monsters on a stupidly long route is just dumb.

I honestly don't see how anyone can defend escort quests.
Ok, I agree that they are pretty poor quests, but they are not the worst. I've had to gather things for quests that take longer than most escorts. I spent a literal hour in the dk starter zone on one quest where you make a scarlet spill the beans.
Actually there are 2 kinds:

a) RP walkers that are super slow

b) the ones that don't stop when you are in combat and then leash reset back behind you
Somewhere, buried in the patch notes from an older expansion, Blizzard acknowledged that escort quests were too slow and sped them up a bit. Maybe they just forgot about that.
"We must deliver this message with all haste! Our very existence depends upon it. Follow me!"

*RP walks across continent*
Escort quests... (shudder). I still have nightmares about escorting NPCs who randomly agro every mob in the zone, wander off while you're in combat, or decide they're bored and snap back to their starting point.

(puts out a little tray of cookies in sympathy)
Worst quest for me was in Stormsong where you had to put out 15 fires and had to run back to get individual things of water.

But i agree OP. Whoever created the escort quests, should be banned from making video games for a year.
I dont remember seeing any after wrath. None in the expansion on horde at least.
09/06/2018 04:10 AMPosted by Flommincy
I dont remember seeing any after wrath. None in the expansion on horde at least.

We got some goofy drunk named Flynn on Alliance side. You get to walk him around a bit.
When I did Flynn's escort on alpha, I treated it like a legitimate escort quest, not realizing that he would literally just stand there and wait for you to, say, run over to the enticingly-close random 10 bear gizzards (actually saurolisk venom sacs or something?) quest, and continue to wait for you (if be a little snarky about it) while you completed said quest and turned it back in.

Escorting his stupid butt around on live was a much more enjoyable experience, even if he does still aggro everything in sight and walk at the pace you'd expect from a lovesick drunkard.
Flynn's escort was fine for me... I made him stealth too.
But that young girl... argh, horrible escort quest.
(Thankfully I shouldn't have to do those for alts)
They are my second least favorite quest type ahead of only vehicle quests.

As bad as they are now they used to be even worse.

I’d like to give an honorable mention to drag this useless and annoying npc around with you quests as well.
Oh Dear Lordie, so true.
I did one escort - ONE - the little girl going back to her Pirate Daddy...
I was done. LOL

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