[A]Thousand Yard Stare- Heroic Raid Guild

Thousand Yard Stare is filling our ranks with Heroic Raiders.

We are looking for:
Tanks (Any Class)
DPS(Boomkin,Mages,Rouges,Shadow Priest)
We will make exceptions for exceptional DPS

Raid Times- Tuesday, Thursday - 8 PM - 11 PM Eastern Time.

About Us-
We are a friendly guild who is casual in our demeanor but serious in our raiding. We have raiders from all walks of life and pride ourselves in developing our relationships into long lasting friendships. Please reach out to one our officers if you are interested in joining.

Our guild is having a great time in Uldir and mythic+, come join us! Still recruiting skilled players for raid and mythic+
Hey everyone!

Quick update on progression. We are 6/8 Uldir looking to go 8/8 this Thursday. Runs are going great, very few wipes. We are looking to still fill out our core raid group. Would love to have some new faces. Please reach out to one of our officers below:

357 ilvl Holy Pally Looking for new raid group that came from Thrall on the horde side. 8/8 Normal Completed Uldir and 5/8 (on zul) Heroic Uldir completed. Very active player, and knows what they are doing. please contact me in game Makes#1309
Thousand Yard Stare has surprised me in how casual players can perform exceptionally well in raid. Everyone is brought up to speed on the fight mechanics quickly and progression feels like progression instead of constant wipes.
Need RDPS to fill out core raid slots, please send us a message in-game.
I mean Bump
Could use a healer, pref hpal or mistweaver to round out the team. Also accepting any exceptional dps!
if you are still looking for a healer. Open to joining.

BNET LennoxP90#1382
In need of Mage/Hunter/Spriest/Boomy! Please add us on Bnet!
Still looking for some range dps, so bump
bump iiiit
bump, still have plenty of spots open for exceptional players. Whisper us in game anytime!

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