[A] ilvl 340 Disc Priest LF Casual Guild N/HC

Hey there, second try at posting on the boards, hope this one goes through.

I've been playing WoW on and off since Vanilla. I've raid and led raids in all of the expansions. I have leveled all classes to 110 and plan to get to 120 by BFA's end. Also do a bit of M+.

I'm no longer interested in pushing really high end content and my schedule doesn't really allow it anymore. However, I'd still like to experience the group content with a decently competent and fun crew of players.

I speak English and French and, if my microphone allows, voice chat shouldn't be an issue.

If that seems like a good fit for your group, you can contact me on here or in game.
H) <Against Humanity> Heroic/Mythic Raiding Guild.
<Against Humanity> Leadership is made up of players that have been playing & raiding since vanilla. The guild itself is made up of adult players looking to have fun. Casuals are welcome to join to and have fun.

Raid Days & Times.
Wednesday Thursday 930pm - 1230am EST
630pm - 930pm PST
We are recruiting for Heroic & Mythic Raiding and pushing Mythic+ Keys.

We are recruiting Healers, DPS and Competent players looking to raid.

Guild Requirements / Rules
Guild rules:
Respect each other
Be helpful
Accept constructive criticism
No Drama
Understand that all decisions are intended to do what’s best for the guild / raid team.

All Raiders need:
DBM or Bigwigs
Exorsus Raid Tools

Raid Attendance is important; however, real life happens. Contact your raid leaders in these cases.

If you want an invite or have questions, please message any of us in game or on real ID

GM. Vashaun or Laugur Bnet swiftc28#1571
Raid Leader. Deathwhip Bent King3#1878
Hooligans - Raiding, PvP, Social fun guild:
Guild: Stoic
Faction: Horde
Server: Zul’jin
Stoic is recruiting for Mythic+ and Heroic Raids. We are a community focused group of former “hardcore” raiders. We completed AOTC in all raids in legion and are looking to do the same in BFA. We raid Fri and Sat 10PM – 1 AM EST server time. Looking for DPS and Healers to round out our raid team. Great community that likes to game together and hang out in Discord.
If you are interested add me on Bnet Willy890#1450.

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