<Idominus> Progression Raiding Guild

Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
<Indominus> is a progression based raiding & M+ guild on Borean Tundra/Shadowsong Horde Side. Looking to add a few key players to fill out our roster for future BFA raiding. We are a small but efficient group of players dedicated to clearing mythic raids.

Raid Utility Addon
Strong knowledge of raid mechanics & Awareness
Potions for your desired role
Complete enchants and gems

-Weekly in-house m+ are done daily.
-Guild repairs for core raiders.
-Cauldrons and food provided every raid.
-Potions for your desired class.

Discord is required for all raiders (Microphone is not required but highly encouraged)

Raid times: Friday & Saturday 8:30-11:00PM Eastern
Guild Mythic+s done through-out the week.

If you are accepted you should keep up to date on boss mechanics and patches in order to best help the raid team.

Points of Contact:
Datkuuba (In-Game)
Kagerumi (In-Game)

Currently Recruiting:
(1) Tank
(1) Raid Healer (Prefer shaman)
(2) Melee Dps - Ranged dps will be considered on a case to case basis

If you are interested in obtaining a trial raider spot, feel free to message any guild officer listed above. Casuals are always welcomed.
Hey, tried to add the contacts to discord but neither exist apparently. I'm a tank seeking raid progression in BfA. I have tanking & raiding experience from BC, WOTLK, Cata, and Mist. That's when I stopped playing wow, and returning for BfA. My current ilvl is 332, and that's because I hit 120 first with my warlock. But decided to DK blood main instead. So I am seeking progression in mythic raids. Any further details just message me on discord Kenpachi#4940
09/02/2018 08:22 AMPosted by Bàrthándèlús
Hey, tried to add the contacts to discord but neither exist apparently.

Those are battletags :D
Still looking for a good healer

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