Why do you play Alliance?

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Blood elves.
09/04/2018 10:39 PMPosted by Einn
Blood elves.

I actually quite like Sylvanas.
I just prefer the Alliance. The cites, races, lore is more immersive than horde imo.

I've tried playing horde, I just can't do it. I have an 85 tauren druid from cata, which was boosted through dungeons, thanks to co-workers who play horde, I also have a 110 Orc warrior thanks to the boost from BFA, but it will never get any play time.
Because you want to play one of the races and like the story.

09/04/2018 08:33 PMPosted by Mára
Horde players typically write off the alliance as being the faction for babies

I don't really care what some stranger on the internet thinks. I'll play what i have fun playing, if they don't like it, that's their problem.
Used to play only Horde, then faction locked PvP servers stopped being a thing and branched off to the other side before eventually picking a high pop server for each faction.
I tried to get into horde. Unfortunately horde seems to have far more arrogant dbags on their faction. for every 1 person i liked there were 5 that reminded me of my seventh graders. Sure, Alliance has some toxic folks - but the ratio is way different.

Also, looking at dry ground and spikes gets kinda tiresome.
Because we get best Futa girls.
Played humans since warcraft orcs and humans, why stop the gravy train now?
Originally it was just to play with a friend from school. Eventually the characters, cities, story, etc. Grew on me, and now I don't think I'll be a Horde player again. Or at least not for a long time.
09/04/2018 08:33 PMPosted by Mára
Listen up, Alliance players. I want to know why you play on Alliance. It can be for any reason i just want to know. Horde players typically write off the alliance as being the faction for babies, so what is it that makes you stay alliance?

Horde is the faction for pubescent teens who are angry at their parents.
The Alliance was a fresh start. I stay Alliance because I don't enjoy leveling alts, so I'm whichever faction my main's guild is. Right now, it's Alliance. No surprise from the guild name, but back in WotLK (before I joined) it started as a PvP guild. Nobody in the guild really PvPs anymore.

We keep the guild name for the same reason many people keep using the same names or guild names: They've been around long enough that there's actual history behind it. For some guilds, it's also to honor those who...won't be returning. They won't be forgotten.
When I was a kid I read lord of the rings. Dressed up as Aragorn for Halloween. Alliance human warrior is just kind of me.
Races, Architecture, Zones, Friends, Family.
Because Draenei
I like having zones and towns that aren't just deserts and jungles with spikes and mud huts. I like the lore, and Varian was awesome.
This guy used to be my main from the dawn of WoW to the end of WOTLK. Logged over 160 days played.

Funnily enough people on the Horde have always called Alliance a "faction for babies", me included back in the day. But now that I play Alliance I've found the opposite to be true. While there are excellent people on both sides more often than not I ran into immature players while playing Horde. Though, I'm sure the sheer size difference in population has a role in that being so.
Most of the Horde races just don’t click with me. Tauren, (Darkspear) trolls and belf are closest, but the first two are in questionable company and the last is on the wrong faction.

By comparison, I like practically all of the Alliance races to some extent even if I wouldn’t play them all. I’d honestly prefer it if the Horde races I liked were Alliance too so I wouldn’t need Horde alts at all.
I play a nightelf cause it feels good to be touched by a group of filthy orcs.
I've always played Horde, ever since I was a child. I adore the horde races, they all feel incredibly different and have super interesting cultures. There isn't a single Horde race I dislike other than Goblin. (I just don't like smol races). But after playing Horde for so long I've got tired of the environments/setting. Spikes, red, the typical horde aesthetic has just gotten old to me. So for BFA I figured I'd change. I am definitely enjoying Boralus, it's super pretty and feels like a living, breathing city.

The only race on the alliance I care for are Draenei. That's it. Other than Draenei all of the alliance races just seem super boring to me. Like, human, tiny human, short human, ya know? I really do hope we get some more interesting races on the alliance soon, my fingers are crossed for Jinyu. I'd race change everything instantly lol.

(EDIT) Also I've noticed horde players are a lot more edgy.
I've played both since vanilla, but as time went on, I found myself more and more on the Alliance because of my friends. My friends are why I play Alliance.

09/04/2018 09:15 PMPosted by Valuris
I don't, sorry, they're inferior in every way. Raiding, pvp, population. To really get your moneys worth you should play Horde.

Also I dont play a FANTASY game to play a human, a mutated human, a shorter mutated human, or a purple human with long ears.

If I wanted to continue playing Horde, I'd still be playing. For me, my money's worth is absolutely in the Alliance faction. Comments like these are unnecessary.

PS: All of the races you mentioned are generic fantasy trope races. And your undead human falls into this one. This argument is silly.

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