Balance druids applying for groups.

Please add "not feral" to your note so you have a chance to be invited.
I already do; still get "lol dps druid"

Which is horrible and sad
Been like that for rbgs as well since forever.
I literally run my groups looking for boomies. I want a range DPS who can trade gear and eat ranged mechanics.

Make friends with a druid, monk, dh tank or heals and profit.
This might be more of a q as a DPS in general issue tbh....

Id accept any geared boomy into a mythic+

Feral, not so much atm.

Give me a DH tank, rogue, boomy, WW..... perfect group. For a resto druid healer.
I do Mythic as Guardian for now. I want to dps but it's not in the books. If we don't see a significant change on Tuesday I'll probably swap to DH if my guild is cool with it. Its the only other class I really enjoy.
i been putting boomy in notes.. still dont get invite as 351 boomy to 340 groups :)
In my experience, you don't even need to put that because at this point everyone assumes that you're a Boomkin anyways :/

I have had zero issues getting into any PUG groups, as a Boomkin.

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