Can't connect?

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I also cannot connect.
Well then...
disconnect here
Servers are crashng apparently. Can't log into Emerald Dream either.
Same. Sucks, in the middle of auctions.
Same here. Just wanted to check something real quick, but guess that's not a thing right now.

Was having major latency issues a couple of hours ago too.
Same, d/cing right away on stormrage. that's what I get for logging out to update addons.

I wanna raid.

Can't log in.
Same, stuck at "Logging in to game server"
Can not connect
I can't log in brahhhhhhhhhh
Tiny server here looks okay, keeping my fingers crossed. Not logging out.
I take ONE day off of work to play WoW and this is what happens..
Same. :(
they bringing servers down to give us all one piece of 385 loot.
Can confirm.

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