[A] 21+ LFM New Players and Vets!

Guild Recruitment
Guild : <Antique> Sever: Sargeras

This is a guild for everyone vets and new players please take the time to read through. With our growing player base we are trying to build a community of like minded adults. Offering many opportunities including PvP/Raiding/Dungeons and most importantly a place to call home.

If you are a smaller guild interested in being absorbed into this environment and possibly creating your own raid times. I am very open to this idea.

Our end goal is to be able to exist throughout entire expansions and even branch out into a classic when it releases.

About us:

We are a guild made up primarily of about 35+ people who enjoy wow extensively. Our founding core have had accounts since vanilla! We play other games together as well and are really looking forward to playing classic again! All of us are older and have jobs / kids / things to do etc and really try to play games as much as possible. We understand that life happens and are supportive of this fact.

What I am looking for:

I am looking for players to build a community with a place where you can log on and enjoy more than just 2 raids a week. While it would be awesome if you can raid it will not be required ( unless you make the commitment ). We currently have over 30 people interested in raiding. You must be willing to rotate in and out to share time with other guild members. ( This applies to everyone in the guild, including officers ) There will be other opportunities to collect gear and get involved as well.

- Please be 21+ Exceptions will be accepted pending conversation.

- Enjoy World of Warcraft. Be helpful.

- Have discord (friends welcome)


Seriously though if you are looking for a home and somewhere fun to play that isn't toxic where people are ONLINE, please message me. Friends/Family welcome

Raid times are as follows:

Sunday/Monday : 8:30pm EST - 11pm EST

8/8 Normal
6/8 Heroic

Any more questions please message me c0nker#1669.
Could use some solid DPS. Mage/Lock/Shaman

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