375 Ilvl Warlock looking for raiding guild

Hello everyone reading this, I am Thecarrylord, a dedicated warlock player looking to join a raiding guild with intent to progress at a strong pace. I have had plenty of experience raiding in the past. I played early Legion content and was in a top contending guild for mythic progression early in the expansion until I stopped my subscription to WoW.
Now that I am back I would like to join a competetive raiding guild who also are interactive outside of the raid with M+. Additional interactions such as world pvp, arenas, and RBGs are always a bonus, but not required.
Like I said earlier I am a dedicated warlock player, I have played a warlock since I started playing this game. I always strive to be the best in my class and always strive to improve. I am a strong mechanical player, and do proper research before raids. I will always be prepared before the raid with proper enchants, flasks, potions, food. Raid times around 7-11PM EST are ideal for me.

Those are my logs, although the most recent raid clear I did was not logged.
I am looking for a new guild due to the last guild disbanding the raid until patch 8.1 and I would prefer a guild who is at least 2/8M.
You can contact me through battlenet, (#godstormm#1959). I will respond when I am on and am willing to go through the proper procedures for me to join if we feel I am a good fit for the guild.
Hey there Sensation gaming is looking for some ranged DPS we raid thurs fri 9-12 EST we also do lots of M+ and some do PVP. I added you on btag my name is Stethoscope#1671 let me know if your interested
Good Afternoon Thecarrylord,

I read your post and we are interested. We offer several established raid teams. All of our raid teams have their own experienced team leaders. We have the logs to prove that we have been together a long time.

Outside of raiding, we PvP, do Mythic+ key runs, farming events, and offer a variety of weekly events open to all our members. We strive to create a friendly and non-toxic environment.

We are not just a collective number of Btags and Discord names that meet up for raids. We are friends that game together--whether it is in World of Warcraft or another game.

If this sounds like the kind of community that you are interested in, then please explore the links below.

<Currently Online> Explore. Engage. Elevate.
Realms: Illidan - Horde and Sargeras - Alliance
Forum Post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20765167750
Website: http://currentlyonline.gg
Email: info@currentlyonline.gg

You are also welcome to join our discord and have a look around. Most of our weekly events are listed in the #events channel. We look forward to hearing from you!

Partnered Discord: https://discord.gg/CurrentlyOnline
Saph#7860, Bubba#6443
Still looking!
Who we are
Slash cry (formerly on nerzhul) has made the jump to sargeras after many successful years on a less successful server. We are currently looking for all exceptional raiders / roles for cutting edge raiding. We also are very active outside of raids between dungeons / pvp and alt runs there is hardly a dull moment in slash cry.

Raid Times
T/W/Th 9pm-12am est

Current Needs
Holy Paladin
Resto Shaman
Resto Druid
Holy Priest
Any exceptional players

How to Apply

Bnet Contacts
Hi Carrylord,

We are looking to add additional a couple members to our Progression raid roster.

Catalyst [Sargeras] [A] is a community focused on end game PVE progression. We have a very experienced group of leaders, skilled in organizing and executing all end game content. Our core group of friends and raiders reformed the guild to push at a high level. We may raid at a high level but with a semi-casual approach (2 Nights a week for 3 hours a night). We will make the most out of the time we spend raiding. We have high expectations for the guild, and thus are looking for exceptional players

Progression Schedule

    Tuesday 10 PM - 1 AM EST (7-10 PST)
    Thursday 10 PM - 1 AM EST (7-10 PST)


    8/8 N
    5/8 H
    *** M Coming soon

Checkout our full recruitment thread here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20755776599

or message us directly

Rystet - Rystet#1989
Ntrz - ntrz#1948
Hi. Check us out. Might be a good fit.
Unsure if youve found a home or not yet. But if not take a peak.

Guild: <Antique>
Server: Sargeras

Antique is a guild that can be a home to everyone vets and new players alike.
With our growing player base we are trying to build a community of like minded adults. Our goals are Raiding, mythic plus,pvp and most importantly a home away from home.

If you are a smaller guild interested in being absorbed into this environment and possibly creating your own raid times. We are open to this idea as well.

Our ultimate goal is to become an ever lasting community throughout BfA and onto classic upon release.

About us:
The core of our guild is approximately 25% people who enjoy WoW extensively. Our founding group have been around on and off since Vanilla! We are not exclusive WoW players, and do venture into other games – especially during content draught which is why the community is so important to develop.

The majority of our core are old enough to have a career, and a kids / RL commitments and really try to play the games we enjoy as much as possible. However, we understand life happens and always comes first as such we are supportive of this fact.

What we are looking for:

Any player who wants to be a part of the community we are building that is a place where you can log on and enjoy more then just 2 raids a week. If you can join in on the raids that would be fantastic, however it is not required (unless you make the commitment – then it is expected you show).
If we have over 30 interested in heroic and over 20 interested for mythic. You must be willing to rotate in and out to share time with other interested raiders.

*Please be 21+, exceptions can and will be accepted pending conversations.
*Enjoy WoW. Relax. Have fun, and get along with people, we don’t need or want elitists.
*Have Discord (friends are welcome to join)

Raid times:
8:30 – 11:00 PM EST (7:30 -10:00 CST/Server Time).

Currently ⅜ heroic. Suggestions on what we could be looking for below:

Any class is welcome – Tank roles are currently filled. However, we are in need of the following specific classes at present.

DK - willing to play Blood as offspec.

Any questions, concerns, or to discuss joining please contact the following:
Rank: Battlenet:
Guild Master: Blitskreig#1704
Officer(s): c0nker#1669
<KoTC> is currently 8/8 N 1/8 H Uldir is looking for a highly motivated/Reliable Hunter, DK, 2 Lock's, DH and a Holy Pally for our Tues/Weds 730-1030 Server/Central raid. Casuals welcome for daily Mythic+. We are making a weekend raid as well.
Hey there, this is Rowin with Business Class on Sargeras. We're looking to add to the roster with a few good people. I'm not going to waste your time with a page of guild spam but just give you the basics:

Progression: 2/8 Mythic
Server: Sargeras - Alliance
Raid: T/W/T 7-10:30 Server (Central US)
Tenure: On Sargeras since mid SOO (so we're not going anywhere)
Loot: we're embracing personal loot and wont require you to change specs or give up loot you win.
Web: BC-Guild.com or https://discord.gg/MY3Z2Cr
Me: Btag: Rowin#1764 Discord: Rowin#3099(most important)

In addition to main raid, we do Alt runs, sales runs where 90% of the gold goes to the carriers, M+ and other fun guild events. I hope you'll check us out and feel like apping, we're a pretty cool bunch of people...although, I'm pretty biased.
Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 9-11 PM Server Time (Central)
We are looking for RDPS and possibly either Monk or Paladin healer

About Us:
We like to run M+ throughout the week
Previous Mythic/Hardcore raid experience in Legion and past expansions
We are a group of friends that are looking to find more players join us for Mythic progression throughout this expansion. Although we will have a competitive and hardcore attitude when raiding we would like to keep a friendly and positive atmosphere for all to enjoy

you can contact me if you like at trinity#1563
[A] Ghost Unit-Sargeras

Currently Recruiting: Healers, Warlocks, Death Knights

Leadership: Former Cutting Edge raiders, looking to build a mythic progression team for BfA. Current strong core in need of more dedicated members.

Raid Times: Wed/Thurs 7CST-11CST

Contact: Nouris#1464 KillaCamJam#11709 Tycho#1411
Nice to meet you,

<<Damage Inc>> would love to welcome you in our ranks.
Our raid team is VERY focused on progression, we are happy to provide
the tools needed to help you accomplish what you need.

Aside from raiding you'll find a healthy community and an absolutly wild Discord.
NSFW, Memes and raiding strategies are part of our pleasant insanity

Take a minute and drop by our thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769386955

Our Server is Sargeras
Our progression is 6/8 Heroic + 1/8 Mythic

Our schedule (CST) is:

Tuesday - 19:30 to 22:30
Wednesday - 20:30 to 23:30
Thursday - 19:30 to 22:30
Mondays - Keystones!
My contact information is:
Battlenet: Black#1220
Discord ID: Anyshia#7885

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments!
About US
Slash cry (formerly on nerzhul) has made the jump to sargeras after many successful years on a less successful server. We are currently looking for all exceptional raiders / roles for cutting edge raiding. We also are very active outside of raids between dungeons / pvp and alt runs there is hardly a dull moment in slash cry.

Raid Times
T/W/Th 9pm-12am est

Current Needs
Resto Shaman
Resto Druid
Shadow Priest
Any exceptional Any exceptional range & melee dps w/tank or healing os

How to Apply

Bnet Contacts
5/8 H 2 night grp could use ya as we are building to do light mythic progression
Looking once again, previous guild has disbanded the raid. 375 Warlock, 2/8M 8/8H, I have logs posted.
I would love to join a friendly guild for long term raiding, would love to see activity outside of the raid as a guild as well!
Sargeras[H] REWIND

Horde guild!
Full post : https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769597227#1

We are recruiting for mythic raiding. Currently 8/8H 3/8M

Raid time

Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday* 7PM to 10PM CST (Need to be online 5-10 minutes before raid).

*After 8 weeks in a tier, one night will become our farm night and only 50% attendance will be required for that day.

website : rewindguild.me
Nietto : Battletag Mat#11420.
Asagami : Battletag Sasha#12635.
Shdwphnx : Battletag Shdwphnx#1623.

You can apply on the website, and if you have any questions feel free to add us on btag.
Hello. I just added you on bnet. <Storm> is currently 4/8M, and looking for ranged DPS, especially warlocks. We raid Tues, Wed, Thurs from 8-11p EST. Reach out in game if you're interested!

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