Khor, Hammer of the Guardian changed ilvl overnight

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My 355 Khor, Hammer of the Guardian changed to a ilvl 125 mace over night. I'm not really seeing the place I can get this restored as they make it hard to submit a ticket now. I did submit the bug but would like this item restored to what it was last night.

Any insight?
Sorry for the confusion. The item "Khor, Hammer of the Guardian" was recently hotfixed to reflect that it is actually a transmog item.

If you deleted, vendored or disenchanted your previous weapon and you need to recover it please use the Item Restoration page to do so.

If you are on cooldown because you recently used the Item Restoration option please submit a ticket using the "Loot Drop Problem".

Be sure to mention that you need to recover your previous weapon after the change to Khor, Hammer of the Guardian.

If you enchanted Khor, Hammer of the Guardian and need to recover the materials/enchantment, etc... you can also use the same ticketing method. Our Support staff will work to verify what you had on the weapon for recovery.

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