[H] Tues/Thurs 4pm-8pm PST Cross Realm PUG

Nazgrel, Nesingwary, and Vek'nilash
<Undercity Parcel Service> Horde - Kil'Jaeden are looking for more DPS and Healers to join our pug raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm-8pm PST. We'll start with normal on Sept 4th and quickly push into heroic while forming a core 20-25 man team in anticipation for cross-realm Mythic Raiding.


1. Discord (Don't need a mic)
2. 340 iLvl
3. Flask, Food, Pots

How will the raids be led?

The first few attempts on the boss will be everyone learning it. Seeing the fight, understanding the mechanics, and getting a feel for timings. After that we'll be using food and pots and focusing down on the specific things wiping us. You don't have to play perfect, but if you die to the same thing and aren't making an effort to improve we will have to replace you.

If these times work and you wanna join up with a pug that operates more like a guild free to contact us or join our Horde Community.

Community: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/eXEd4P3hdWk?region=US&faction=Horde

Guild Leader: Racker#1664
Raid Leader: Haws#1579

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