Mm hunter ST question

With the talent build:
A murder of crows
Careful aim
Hunters mark
Lethal shots
Lock n load
After casting aimshot is it:
1. 1-2 arcane shots with proc > steady shot until aimshot proc > aimshot
2. Steady shot until aimshot proc > 1-2 arcane shots with proc > aim shot.

Apparently with 0 azerite traits rapid fire is not worth casting at all??
You only want to use Rapid Fire if you procc'd Lethal Shots.
rapid fire ONLY if aoe, or aimed shot is on cooldown when you get a lethal shots proc.

yes, it feels broken spamming steady shot even when focus capped but MM is one of the broken specs blizz seems to be reworking in 8.1 (along with spriest, ele & enhance shaman).

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