Looking for more to help kill horde

Andlos Slakta has about 5 real life friends active on alliance right now and are looking for more thick skinned politically incorrect players to do wpvp, and run content and socialize on discord. message Yasmir, cptscarlett, vannus, gwylee, or just reply to this post if interested. We really want to get enough people who want to run warmode on together and push the horde infestation out of our zones.
Hurr Durr I'm thick skinned and politically incorrect I'm so edgy
Not saying we are edgy just don't want people to be surprised and offended if they hear cursing or whatever. Do you have any alliance toons Greek? You may fit right in you seem to be a bit of an !@#.
I'll have you know I'm already the guildmaster of my own homoerotic pirate roleplaying guild. Maybe you've heard of us mateys.
If your pirate guild doesn't work out we would be happy to have you as long as you renounce the horde. We could probably come up with some piratey themed events or something.

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