[H] Vigil Running 2 full raid team

Mok'Nathal and Silvermoon
We currently have 2 raid teams both 6/8N at this time and both raid Tue/Wed/Thu from 7-9pm PST (10-12 EST).

Current recruitment priorities:

-Main tank for normal/heroic group (not mythic)
-1 or 2 healers
-Skilled Boomkin
-Any skilled and dedicated player

Whisper Ignorant-Silvermoon in game, on most evenings, for more information.
I can provide pretty much any of those roles. Though presently I've only leveled one of my DPS, I've got all the tanks sitting at 110, and the healers 110-111.

So... I'm going to have to send you a message and see what you're looking for by the time I get to you. Just wanted to post in here so I didn't lose track of it as I won't be online until rather late Friday (got offline commitment tomorrow).

Given a speed rush up, I could have any tank or healer except druid at 120 and geared to start raiding "soon" (the druid is sitting off server, as I just recently moved here; while a high mountain sits at level 27), or any healer.

Spent the second half of last expansion main-tank raiding alliance side on monk and warrior.

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