Cancelling WoW and returning to FFXIV

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LOL how is ff14 any better? You end up grinding more haha, what a poor decision and assemble of poor arguments
Can I have your gold?
09/01/2018 04:01 PMPosted by Braniel
XIV never hooked me.

Where else can you find a game where the female characters look like dolls, the male characters look like girls, and the male characters with beards look like creepy pedos.
09/01/2018 04:09 PMPosted by Hugame
so you are switching to an even less alt and casual friendly mmo which has 10x worse grind and some of it is mandatory
because of rep grind for something that is not mandatory

I know. Weird, huh?
just play the game and u'll get what you need... aren't you here for playing a game? i'm a very casual player on wow game.. i play too many games like WOW, dota 2, PUBG, CSGO and have my own big business to work on.. Yet i got exalted rep on legion long time ago...i just enjoyed the game casually and got all the allied race unlocked already. what are you whining about?
Have fun on wow clone number 214. I bet it will feel soooooo different and fresh.
Agree with everything, except for Flying.

Flying.... makes everything pointless.
I hate it.

Why bother making a map filled with Mountain Ranges, Rivers, Trees and bridges etc... if people just want to skip it all to burn through ?'s fast enough so they can get on their alt's, to go back and burn through more ?'s

LOL. I don't get it.. but... eh.
Have fun with FF!
Can I has your gold?
For everyone saying "You'll be back in a month..."

Guys, the guy went 10 years without WoW. I don't think he's coming back in a month.
09/01/2018 04:02 PMPosted by Heilot
The moment you said you took a decade break and then I saw you were a tauren paladin I stopped reading

Have loads of fun!
I literally just came back to WoW after how bad they designed Pagos. That grind was nonsense.

But when I came back to WoW I learned how ignorant most people are in LFD and how toxic some people are. The community just isn't the same.
Anyway, the main thing is BFA actually feels worse than Legion, it feels like most of the classes I play got gutted and it takes me hours each day to do world quests on multiple characters.

Saw the patch updates for the upcoming FF14 4.4, got me excited again, I'll just have to skip Eureka weapon in FF14, at least I can get gear from other way and not be locked with doing grinds for artifact power just to use my gear.

Sold all my gold back for WoW tokens. I'll probably be back by the end of BFA expansion and just play the beginning of the next expansion again.
09/02/2018 04:06 AMPosted by Emeraldas
LOL how is ff14 any better? You end up grinding more haha, what a poor decision and assemble of poor arguments

Unless you're describing the relic route which is *optional*, then I don't see how. Reps aren't as many in FF, and not as hard. Raid tokens help ensure gear is eventually guaranteed. Dungeons always drop 2 pieces of loot per boss. Tomes can be earned and eventually capped for gear. And even if you don't Savage raid, you can do the more casual 24-man alliance raids to get decent gear.

Now if you're leveling several jobs to 70 and rather not grind HoH, and have exhausted your side quests, I can understand that. But again, many things in WoW also don't translate across characters. It depends on what you feel is grindy.
09/01/2018 03:48 PMPosted by Farnsadin
In addition, the new scaling system makes it so that I feel like no matter how much gear I gain, I'm not getting much stronger.

I concur.

Levelling up and getting new gear used to give you an edge. It’s kind of like upgrading your video card.

Now levels feel like more of a score. And gearing up feels like “keeping up” as gear gets more useless as you gain levels - you need more stats for the same effects.
I have to wonder why anyone would feel the need to share they're leaving this game let alone inform us it's to play another game.
09/02/2018 05:30 AMPosted by Toughboy
I literally just came back to WoW after how bad they designed Pagos. That grind was nonsense

Eureka as a whole was kind of nonsense. Really disappointed in it.

However it’s entirely option. All the rewards are purely cosmetic - yes, including the relic given the horribly low iLv.
09/01/2018 03:50 PMPosted by Lunnaya
Did not read. I take gold anyway

Good luck with your weird anime game

Clearly you're clueless about anime.
FFXIV is the place where you go if you just want to log on and do nothing for 4 months at a time.
To anyone looking to give FF14 a try I have a 70 White Mage, a 70 Red Mage, 70 Samurai, 70 Machinist, a 60 Dark Knight jobs. I scale downwards so I can still help you with any dungeons or fates that you may need to do. Some things like solo instances I can't help with but those are part of the MSQ. All I say is give it another try and don't look at it from playing WoW, but give it a fresh chance as its own MMO. And if you don't like it then it is completely understandable.

Edit: I should say that I play both MMOs for different reasons and shouldn't really compare them since they are trying to accomplish different things in their story and gaming mechanics. Both are good and both have areas of improvement. One should give both a chance without comparing it to the other.
09/01/2018 04:02 PMPosted by Metrohaha
Honestly if it takes you 2 to 3 minutes to kill a turtle then we have bigger problems here than you are letting on.

Cool, starts off with insulting a player. Model MVP.

09/01/2018 04:02 PMPosted by Metrohaha
I know you are frustrated but if you actually think this type of post is constructive (which I firmly disagree with) then you should avoid that type of hyperbole.

Feedback about how much fun a player is having based on gameplay experience is not constructive?

Oh wait I see, any sort of criticism towards WoW is not constructive in your eyes, I forgot, my bad.

09/01/2018 04:02 PMPosted by Metrohaha
It's especially worrying because the flying situation has been this way for like 5 years now. It makes me wonder just how truthful you are being here.

??? Just because something has been this way for awhile doesn't mean people still can't feel it was a bad decision. What are you even on about?

09/01/2018 04:02 PMPosted by Metrohaha
Anyway, I hope you take a break and come back revitalized. World quests cause a lot of burn out for me as well, but hopefully we can all agree that it's a very temporary thing in a game this big.

If you think world quests are temporary I don't know what to say

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