Do you post on your main?

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Normally I post on whatever I am playing the most at the time. Unless someone ask a class specific question. Then I’ll switch to that class and post on it if I have it.
Almost always. A few times have switched to my Horde toon to address a Horde specific thing or that sort of thing with a certain class.

I like to own my posts. Even when I am wrong or wish I could take back something, I am okay with people knowing the words are mine. I think the world is a better place when we admit that we get it wrong sometimes. There is too much online outrage. Too much judging a person by one thing they said and ignoring the fact that we ALL screw up sometimes.

I don’t know. Justice is good but grace is gooder, lol.
I change my main every expansion or two. I've also only started posting on the forum this expansion and never really paid attention to the forum on any other. This DH is my main this expansion.

To actually answer your question: Yes, I suppose I do.
Most of the time I do. Sometimes I switch it up.
Whoever my main is at the time.
09/05/2018 04:20 AMPosted by Bloodplay
Basically do. I don't care what anyone thinks of me so, why hide behind a shadow?


we orcs take pride.
I don't think I have a main anymore.
09/05/2018 04:12 AMPosted by Thalyinsia
Just felt like asking. I post on what's my most played character but I really feel like I'm going to be maining my demon hunter. I would post on her but it would be weird to dawn over night elves as a night elf

No, because people have a habit of checking your raid/pvp achievements before dismissing your argument when they have no other way to continue the discussion. Its the equivalent of telling someone their opinion on a TV show is irrelevant because the car they drive is 10 years old rather than fresh from the lot.

When I used to post on my main I'd either be told my opinion isnt worth anything because I dont have XXXX achievement even when XXXX achievement had nothing to do with what we were talking about, or I'd be told that because I did have XXXX achievement, I was a no-life loser and they werent going to waste their time arguing with me.

So no, I dont post on my main anymore. I main a Resto Druid. Tyberim just has all my forum posts.
I like to mix it up but not too much, usually it's my most played. Unless it is something very specific then I switch for that post.

09/05/2018 05:49 AMPosted by Theses
I don't think I have a main anymore.

I have 3 right now soon to be 4. I might hit 5 or 6 this time around.
typically I post on what im playing the most at the time, unless I need to respond from a specific faction or someone asks for my 'classic' character, whos still 60 and in old crap gear lol.
For the most part, yes. Although I do post on an alt every now and then.
The vast majority of the time i post on my main, sometimes i post on an alt if its relative to a conversation because of the alts class or name.
Don't really have a main.

I switch between three to four characters pretty much all the time even though i post only with this character

Only time I don't is if I have a class specific question on the class forums... which has been like 3 times?
I have never posted with any other character and I main this drud so yes.
I normally post on who I consider my main at the time. I'm an altoholic with a tendency to go all over the place with characters. I will sometimes switch if I am trying to be relevant to the thread, ie *Paws up in the Air* for Panda characters or perhaps I am trying to relate my shadow priest experience, I'll switch. They are all characters that I play so I don't have a sense of 'hiding' behind something like a forum character.
Depends on the thread (transmog, etc), but generally, yes. This has been my main since back in Classic.
I started posting on my Legion main- which was Alliance. The thing is between how Alliance people have acted in-game and here in the forums, I am not such a big fan lately so I have primarily been playing Horde. After about 200 posts, I felt weird posting from an Alliance toon when any partisan posts were pretty pro-Horde.

I am glad to see that many here who say they switch, do it more for "RP" reasons but it actually bothers me how easy it is to switch. You can flame people and treat them like crud in one thread and then in another you are a reasonable person.

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