New Arena loading screens?

09/10/2018 02:34 PMPosted by Avrek
Thats great and we will, but that doesn't help the now. Can this map be removed from the rotation until it is figured out?
I'm only getting this issue with Hook Point, Mugambala loads fast for me.
Yeah, my partners seem to struggle to load in hook point on time as well. When it does, it usually is a few secs before the game starts
After an entire weekend of feedback about lots of failed design implementation, this is the thread a blue customer service rep decides to post in?
Is there anything not broken or bent in this game?
I was then I moved it to wow to my ssd finally and it went away.
09/10/2018 06:37 PMPosted by Kellorion
Is there anything not broken or bent in this game?

No problem for me, you may want to reduce your graphism or buy a new computer lul
I have the same issue, and sick and tired of being ditched by teammates cause my loading screen when i play hook takes forever. Is a free loss
09/10/2018 01:38 PMPosted by Ornyx
Hey all!

Thanks for everything provided so far, it's been helpful to guide us where we need to be looking.

As a further ask, if those of you having long load times into Hook Point arena could email us your Client.log file, that would be super helpful for the development team to pinpoint the exact problem.

This specific file is reset per client launch, so we would ask that you launch the game, queue into Hook Point, and send the file after you finish the arena. Players who are launching World of Warcraft off of a HDD should restart their computer before launching the game to clear their Windows cache which could ultimately affect the client log.

Once you've done this, you can find this file in the default World of Warcraft directory at "\World of Warcraft\Logs\". Drop the entire Client.log file into an email and send it to

Thanks again for your patience as we work through this.

Shouldn’t this have been done in beta? Why are paying customers being tasked with this?
I've lost at least 5 games over the past several days due to arena screens bugging out at 60-70%. This mainly happens on Hooks Point, the Kul Tiran arena. Either I wont load in time and its 1v2 or my partner doesn't load in time. Sometimes we both don't load and it becomes a forfeit. We do however load very quickly on most other arenas. It is hard to believe that this arena is still in the rotation. Please remove Hooks Point until you figure out the problem.

I believe these kinks, among others, should have been fixed in beta. Its hard to believe that a company like Blizzard keeps rolling unchecked content out. Chatting with 4-5 other players yesterday in Discord we could not recall a more buggier, unrefined, expansion than BFA. The standards seem to be getting lower and lower at Blizzard. I'm not at a point of un-subbing yet but its trending in that direction with so many other F2P games to play out there.

Thank you for listening.
Last night, I lost a game in Hook Point because the gates opened and my arena partner still hadn't zoned in. There wasn't even an icon for them in the party frames. I thought they DCed or something, so I let the other team kill me.

By the time they finally zoned in, it was too late.
This is happening to me as well ..
still happening pls blizz
pls fix
Reported as an In game bug but I had gotten Hook Point even after it was disabled while queuing Arena Skirmish.
Seriously I came here because I read at 8am this morning that Hook Point had been temporarily disabled due to the bug and yet my comp is still getting Hook Point queues and the loading issue is far from resolved.

C'mon blizz. Just trying to get my cloak appearance. You guys are killing me this season. Normally I wouldn't complain but this coupled with the redundant Arms nerfs is just frustrating. Making it really hard.
So glad to see you guys disabled this map and then added it back to the rotation not fixing a dam thing.

I really am enjoying losing arena matches, simply because I can't load in on time.
This is happening to me still today.

Hook point takes forever for me, either I get in with 1-2 second to spare, or, game is already started and my teammate is on the verge of being dead.

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