[A] <Dark Moon Exiles> recruiting everyone!

Aerie Peak

<Dark Moon Exiles>, formerly a competitive Horde guild on this server in BC, is looking to fill out our ranks with like-minded players. We pride ourselves on being chill, remembering these are just pixels, but still focusing on getting through as much content as we can.

We are currently in need of all roles, primarily tanks and heals. We're all accommodating and don't mind if you're fairly new to a role, or still need to gear up a bit. We'd much rather progress a bit more slowly with friends than blast through content with people that aren't team players. Currently we're running Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5p-8p server time (PST).

Don't raid? No problem! We're always down to run old content, group BGs, dungeons, or just hang out. We were pretty well known in BC for being one of the more accommodating guilds for those that were just looking for a place to hang out. We're all adults, so expect a good amount of mature chatter, but otherwise anyone is welcome. Feel free to leave a message here, or whisper any guild members in game and we'll be glad to get you in.

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