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Guild Recruitment
<The Big Dirty>

we are a small maintained guild with the focus on Growing into an Accomplished guild within the Sargeras community. Raid Times are Tuesday/Thursday 10pm-1am Server time with occasional Saturdays (RaidTimes will change with a majority vote)

we welcome any casual gamer to the community that wants to improve the raiding experience on a personal level! we love to laugh! and we don't offend easy! Welcome to TheBigDirty

we are currently recruiting
( Healers - Ranged/Melee Dps ) to fill our Core raid team!

requirements are
+ ilvl of 340
+Mature Individuals with great sense of humor!

Reply to this ad to post your Application to the guild

-Times available & time zone:
-Current progression/experience:
-Recent logs (if available):
-Contact info:
-Anything else:
add yukonsfinest#1818 to talk
welcome! and thanks for reading
-Times available & time zone: Anytime past 10:30 PM (Server time / Sargeras)
-Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-Hardcore
-Current progression/experience: 7/9N (Missing Vectis/Zek'Voz) 1/9H
-Recent logs (if available): None avail
-Contact info: Discord/Sath#11577(B.NET)
-Anything else: I'm BDK, nuff said. -- ilvl 349.
Great peeps and skilled players, smooth, fun and easy 6/8 H last night.

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