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09/01/2018 11:13 AMPosted by Gygen
Level scaling. You either like it or not.


I mention it because leveling a character up from level one is a big part of WoW for me. The new Azeroth is already brain dead easy compared to what it originally was. Allowing players to level all the way up to level 60 in one zone because the mobs scale with you in level now? That’s too far. To be fair, a player can kill experience at any time if they want to pause and do all the quests. However the current game is modeled to get players to max level ASAP today. No more roses to smell unless you really go out of your way.

I’d like to say I would play retail again to visit some of my favorite zones again, like Uldum (I disagree with the game model Legion onward I will not willingly play it), but I fear I would be in Uldum within hours of starting a new character now.

I would only play retail again out of curiosity and that’s it.
The last few weeks I've been casually leveling a character from level 1. I'm up to like level 50 now.

The scaling is just...weird. You don't feel like you're getting any stronger. I don't feel like I'm advancing. It doesn't help that the 'talent system' is so horrible. You make no real choices in how your character changes. The freedom has been sucked out of the game.

And people were complaining when Blizzard made leveling 'harder'? Harder how? It's completely and utterly faceroll. Yeah, I'm in heirlooms but there's no danger. I pull as many packs of mobs as aggro range will allow and don't die. I've done a bunch of random dungeons. No one talks, no one communicates. There's no cc. There's nothing but steamrolling through every dungeon without a care in the world.

It's so far removed from the Vanilla experience it truly is a different game.
I'm doing pre-Legion achievements I missed, but am almost done with anything I want to do. As others have said - dipped my toe into BfA and was not impressed. I have high hopes for Classic as do others I know.
08/31/2018 06:47 PMPosted by Ristra
I’d rather the guild be the forefront instead of PUG life.
How do you suggest making guilds so important that you never want to leave?

Back in the day, they were the only way to get epics. Guilds broke apart over petty bickering regularly.

When you think of your experiences back then, they were some fond memories, but they always had to end. Honestly, the way people work, giving them enough incentive to stay together in itself is enough incentive for them to break apart.
I really like both games. Classic and Retail both have something to offer to me that I can't get from the other game.

So if I said "Yeah as soon as classic drops I'm never going to play retail again" it would be sort of like saying "Aww yeah as soon as Divinity Original Sin drops I'm never going to play Minecraft again."

You can't really compare them, but they are both alright games in their own right with their own flaws and strengths.
I won’t have time to go to my irl job, much less play retail if I jump into classic WoW.
Probably not more than to do the usual 'whats the flavor of this expansion?' and get tired of it a week after hitting 120 , again. Right now im straight back into 'meh' mode and only thing that might keep me long term is if they announce a more interesting set of allied races. (IE vulpera and sethrek would be optimal for me, interest wise)
Eh, my friend just paid my sub, i don't feel like i would buy the xpack, but i farm gold and make gear. (Wow tokens are currently 100k, that's like... Two enchanted thorium armor peices that i can make on my server.)

So i farm a few pal's money and use my old prof's for mog gear, i dono. It feels nice that i can make things no one else can anymore, and i'm the type of guy who has to always be doing something. Would i level or play BFA or whatever next xpac endgame offers? No, would i take free wow time to run old raids help friends and so on. Eh maybe.
08/31/2018 06:43 PMPosted by Invulnerable
Play retail again.

How about you?

I understand what you are saying, but unfortunately it is just this sort of thinking that keeps Blizzard from moving forward with Classic servers at a quicker pace. Their money is made in retail, and I doubt they will be able to make much off Classic unless they introduce some sort of cosmetic store or subscription.

But I am right there with you, I will most likely spend too much time in Classic to ever log into Retail very often. ;)
08/31/2018 06:43 PMPosted by Invulnerable
Play retail again.

"Can I have your stuff?"
Already stopped lol battle of Lord was too disappointing for me to bother with BFA.

Currently filling my video game time with Doom age of empires and replaying Mass Effect 1-3 for the 8th time.

Looking forward to Classic though!
I stopped playing retail after WoD. Hell, I stopped buying Blizz products altogether because of WoD.
08/31/2018 06:43 PMPosted by Invulnerable
Play retail again.

How about you?

The thing is, you will still be playing retail. Classic will go to BC. BC will go to wrath. It is inevitable. This is not like a private server Community server. For many people this will be the very first time they experienced the idea of starting somewhere fresh for a new experience, and feeling all this nostalgia. But much of the private server community is very familiar with this feeling and have burned themselves out on restarting.

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