Why did you leave your last guild?

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" no we don't allow alts"
Alts is what keeps the game fresh.
08/31/2018 11:45 PMPosted by Arrowshooter
Guilds come and go these days. I'm curious why some of our community left there old one. Dead guild? Bad members? Drama?

I left my last one because the one member who kept the entire guild included left. She would always say hi when you logged in and always tried to get groups going for whatever content people needed. One day she left and the guild took a turn. No one would talk and things died very fast.

What about you guys?

The only guild I ever really enjoyed was my first one. I left because a lot of my friends quit playing or changed servers back in MoP, and it pretty much died as a result. I didn't have time to do progression raiding anymore either, unlike everyone else I had become friends with. I hopped guilds for a while on the horde side, but not a lot of luck. Most guilds are pretty dead on my server these days.

Over time I changed all of my toons to alliance, and I spent a good while hopping guilds with not much better luck. All dead.

Quit doing the guild thing altogether now, til last night, I figured I'd give it a shot because why not..

I have /really/ low expectations though. And I'm not about to dump money into changing everyone to a new server anytime soon. (Until maybe they do something where you can move multiple toons at a time with a discount, or something like that.)
I wanted to get into raiding and play horde this expansion. I did a server transfer from a dead server to Mal'Ganis. The guild that I am in is pretty cool. We are excited to be raiding soon.
My last guild died during ToS for a variety of reasons:

- Real life pulled a few folks away. We had folks who were parents or worked at odd hours that conflicted with raiding...and for long periods of time.

- Some quit the guild without so much as a reason.

- Some raided with other guilds but rarely ever with us. Some even got frustrated and left because we didn't run mythic raids, when we clearly said we never intended on doing so when they were invited.

- Any remaining active players became clique'ish and only ran content among each other. This caused other folks to leave, myself included.
I was on more than the GM, who was the only other person who logged on. I'm a casual player, so that shouldn't happen. Might as well just be alone.
Because I got sick of Jangos breaking my charm with his silly songs. Damn bards.
I remember one guild I joined, not a day after the GM asked for everyone to get on vent and proceeded to scream at everyone for not playing their classes right.

Needless to say, I /gquit and realm transferred shortly afterwards.
My last guild fell apart at the end of MoP. It was no one's fault, no drama or anything like that. It was just an unfortunate side effect.

I was on Bleeding Hollow back then and at the time the realm was becoming vastly overrun by Horde players. You could barely go anywhere without getting massacred, it was a dark time. So much so that Blizz actually opened up free realm transfers for a few realms and BH was one of them.

So most of my guild transferred off and went to join another guild run by a friend of our GM. I honestly didn't want to go. I didn't like the new realm and wasn't interested in a new guild either. So they disappeared and I went my own way. Sad day.

That was actually my last social guild too. These days I just keep a personal solo one.
Last guild I was in I was/am the Guild Leader. I didn't found it but ended up a few months after it was founded as its Leader and changed its direction. It is still around mostly as a "home" for those with RL obligations. I never kicked for being away too long, only for toxicity.

It was going strong from early Cata through most of MoP. Unfortunately about the time SoO came out a few members of the raid team left for a different guild (the one I am currently in) and too nearly half the active members with them. Same two people were unhappy with the progress of the raid and the general direction of the Guild. It was always intended to be a guild for those who have RL obligations.

I stayed behind and tried to get it going again but lost enthusiasm in leading a Guild. So, near the end of Siege, I got help with my current Guild in getting AotC for Siege. Ended up joining them shortly after that while leaving the old Guild up and running in hands of one of my alts as that home.

(same two people who left and yanked half my raid team, ended up doing the same thing to Sanitarium about 2-3 months into Warlords, and the guild they formed after leaving dissolved by end of Warlords)

Been with Sanitarium since then and haven't regretted it.
09/01/2018 11:21 AMPosted by Sakùra
I literally can not find a guild that does the content I want, on the nights I have free. I have tried multiple forums, creating alts on nearly every realm. Everything I can think of.

I just want an RBG guild that runs on weekends. But RBG has been handled so poorly by Bliz that it is nearly dead.

I've been having a hard time finding people to PvP in general. Most people solo queue battlegrounds or warmode alone.

I'm surprised rated battlegrounds haven't been pushed forward more by Blizzard. It sounds like the elite pvp mode that could be equal to mythic raiding but no one seems to play it :(
I called the guildmaster a little !@#$%
I took a break from the game during the first 1/2 of legion and during that time the guild server transfered. I was still in contact with guild people IRL so when I came back I had the option to transfer and rejoin but I have already transfered all my toons twice previously and just didn't want to spend the money to do so again.

Really great group of people and I do miss raiding with them, but I also like the freedom of not having a set schedule which was what burnt me out in the first place.
Was promised a tanking spot for months when Tomb of Sargeras would open. When it finally did open I was told they had given the spot to some rando that had joined three days prior and then I was told I was the problem for expecting to have a tank spot because they're hard to get.

Promptly left and haven't found or looked for a guild since partly because I'm still disgusted from the sheer bull!@#$.
Raid leader took a break, raid officer also took a break, GM took over and was not a good fit for raid leader, lost her temper easily and everyone started dropping days after.
I didn't want to be in a guild so I left.
08/31/2018 11:45 PMPosted by Arrowshooter
What about you guys?

I've been in my guild since wrath, and it's been around since BC.

but the one guild I was in previously from vanilla to wrath, I left just for no reason that I can remember, I think I just went in a different direction.
08/31/2018 11:45 PMPosted by Arrowshooter
Guilds come and go these days. I'm curious why some of our community left there old one. Dead guild? Bad members? Drama?

Guild before this one was in MoP, had around 900 members, and no guild activities or chat whatsoever. Stayed in because it just kept me from getting spammed with invites.

Left when this one came up with a cool name and interesting invite spam.
I left my last guild because I wanted to form a real community that encouraged resource sharing, provided guild repairs, food/flasks, and people to progress with.
I lost interest in raiding (at least on a schedule) and don't need to be in a guild to engage in PvP arena combat or Mythic+™ dungeonydoos.
09/02/2018 12:16 AMPosted by Pandagodx
I lost interest in raiding (at least on a schedule) and don't need to be in a guild to engage in PvP arena combat or Mythic+™ dungeonydoos.

M+ is really cool like that.

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