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The Celestial Coalition

The following events were initially based for the Celestial Coalition, an organization primarily composed of Kaldorei orders and allies that have aided in their agenda on Kalimdor. However, Celestial Calls are being opened to the entirety of the server!

If you would like more information on the Celestial Coalition or how you/your guild can get involved, check out our forum!

Celestial Coalition Forum:

Purpose {OOC}

To invigorate Kaldorei RP and facilitate a more immersive environment for the Kaldorei community. With “Call Events” open to a larger audience, it will not only strengthen the domestic relationships of the individuals within the Coalition but also the extrinsic relations with other roleplaying groups/organizations.

Purpose {IC}

With the Horde’s oppressive force sweeping over Kalimdor, the Kaldorei people and their allies have remained in the wake of this calamity. As the Horde forces distribute power throughout the continent, many of the efforts of the Kaldorei and their allies has been stunted by the concentrated attacks beneath the Warchief. Now, more than ever, the Kaldorei and their allies must bolster their forces into unified fronts against the Horde’s aggression. The Celestial coalition, a unified organization of Kaldorei and allied forces have drawn “Calls” to their constituents and outside forces in hopes to resist the Horde’s assault.


Although based initially for the Celestial Coalition, Call Events have been extended to all in the desire to spark new roleplaying connections and further storytelling. In doing so, we invite new individuals to join our discord to keep updated on when call events will be. However, we will also be posting in this thread to update the general populace of Moon Guard when such events will be held.

Discord Link:


Calls are events that are hosted by the five subsects of the Celestial Coalition. Calls are just as they are stated, calls to action for the Coalition and outside groups to coalesce for a specific cause. Whether that cause be to heal the wounded or to battle an Orcish assault is variable to the event.

Calls are intended to be once per month for each of the five subsects, culminating in five separate events per month.

The Calls are separated into five separate groups:

Call to Arms [Led by the Night Warrior's Pride]

Led by the Night Warrior's Pride, the subsect of the Celestial Coalition composed of Sentinels and Soldiers of the organization, a Call to Arms involves the response of individuals against a specific external threat. Whether the threat be an entire army of Forsaken, a small band of Orcs, or perhaps a frenzied Kodo is entirely variable to the event being held at the time.

Call to Knowledge [Led by the Guardian’s Circle]

Led by the Guardian’s Circle, the subsect of the Celestial Coalition composed of Magi and Highborne, a Call to Knowledge is signified by discovery, instruction, or discussion of magic-related items, ideas, or groups. Whether the event be an expedition to Crystalsong Forest, the teaching of runic magic, or a conversation of the place of Highborne in the Alliance is entirety variable to the event being held at the time.

Call to Aid [Led by the Sisterhood]

Led by the Sisterhood, the subsect of the Celestial Coalition composed of Priestesses and Healers, a Call to Aid is marked by relief efforts, prayer, and instruction of mending tactics. Whether the event be offering supplies to Darnassian refugees, general prayers prior to war, or specific classes on medicinal salves is entirely variable to the event being held at the time.

Call to Balance [Led by the Dreamwalkers]

Led by the Dreamwalkers, the subsect of the Celestial Coalition composed of Druids, a Call to Balance is marked by observation, aid to the natural world, and instruction. Whether the event be the studying of new plantlife on Kalimdor, culling excess flora, or classes about herbs is entirely variable to the event being held at the time.

Call to Guidance [Led by the Spirit Callers]

Led by the Spirit Callers the subsect of the Celestial Coalition composed of Shamans, a Call to Guidance is marked by observation, communion, and mending. Whether the event be the studying of waterways to a nearby village, a group ceremony to connect with fallen ancestors, or aid to the wound in Silithus is entirely variable to the event being held at the time.
Horde Affiliation

Additionally, though centered around Alliance-based groups on Kalimdor, Calls are able to be engaged by Horde groups if applicable to events. To set up an event or an encounter, contact one of the Guides in the Celestial Coalition Discord!


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to drop them below or message one of the Guides individually in the Celestial Coalition discord!
This seems like a wonderful idea, and a great way to promote cross-guild RP on the server! Everything we've experienced with the Celestial Coalition has been lovely so far, and the goat boat is looking forward to working with you guys in the future. <3

For Kalimdor!
Looking forward to this! <3
Call for Aid: Sisterhood

Date: 10/28/2018
Time: 8 Server

IC: The Celestial Coalition gathers in Nighthaven, Moonglade as they tend to the survivors and combatants battling in Northern Kalimdor. The Sisterhood will be welcoming any and all guests of the Alliance that require aid. Additional assistance will be requested.

OOC: This will be the first Celestial Call event ever! These events are open to the public at large, thus anyone may attend! For this event, we will be requiring healers and ICly injured individuals that will require healing. The basis for the backstory is that conflicts in Northern Kalimdor continue on, thus requiring the intervention of the Coalition's Sisterhood and all other able bodied healers. The Sisterhood will be leading the event, but once again, any and all are welcome!

    Opening Ceremony
    Two Healing/Mending Courses
    Closing Ritual

Disclaimer: For the sake of lack of information over who has occupation over Moonglade and particularly Nighthaven, this event will be under the impression that currently the Night Elves lay claim to Nighthaven and have it under their occupation. This event is intended for Alliance only, and thus we ask that Warmode be turned off.

Contact: If you would like to get involved in any capacity or want an invite to our in-game calendar event, please feel free to whisper myself or contact me by joining the Celestial Coalition discord which is linked above!
Wonderful event tonight! Thank you for having me!
I just joined this group! Friendly faces all around!
Call to Balance: The Dreamwalkers

Date: 11/16/2018
Time: 8 Server

IC: The Celestial Coalition will be hosting their first Celestial Call event: the Call to Balance on the start of the waxing moon at the chime of the eighth bell. The Coalition will be called to Desolace in response of the recent reports pertaining to Azerite nodes being found all about the barren wasteland. However, the reports also note that there has been a surge in activity by the resident Centaur clans near the locations of these Azerite nodes, prompting that trouble may certainly be afoot.

The Coalition’s forces will be led by the Druids Tal’furir Verdantoak and Raelor Valeclaw yet missives would have been sent to other Alliance forces to garner more aid. The intention of this expedition, as the missives stated, was primarily to investigate the Azerite locales and how they interact with the land. Secondarily however, the expedition was to eliminate any threats that may arise along their expedition, giving a bit of discretion to their ambitions.

OOC: This event will be the second Celestial Call event! Open to the entirety of the public, the Coalition will be hosting this event to promote increased interactions with the Moon Guard community! The intent of this event will be expedition and exploration with a dash of combat perhaps and some discussion to blend it all together!

Contact: If you'd like to be involved, feel free to post below or contact myself in game! Additionally, join our discord and we can certainly ask any questions you may have!

Additional Link: For a perhaps more visual summary of this event, feel free to check out the link below!
Looking forward to this event
Im here to lay down the cLaw

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