Anvils and cooking fires

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So you may have seen many of the threads in bug reports and GD regarding anvils and fires that are clearly used for cooking (ex: those that have a skillet laying on them or a roast over them.) What is the purpose of these not being usable by players? This is infuriating that these items are being added to the game, yet not flagged as such for player use. This issue has spanned multiple expansions and Legion was particularly egregious, but come on. You're already taking the time to put them in the world, what's so hard about flagging them for us to use? I can't tell you the amount of times you can find something cooking over a fire in the world, but we can't use it, or an anvil an NPC is actively using, but we can't.
If you wish to provide feedback, do so I general discussion or the profession forums. The devs do not frequent the support forums for player feedback or suggestions.
When you give feedback on these items, it would help if you actually listed the names of the items.

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