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So I started healing in legion, but only mythic + never done raid healing. Over the weekend I got a few kills in on normal Uldir to try my hand in a raid. I found I was going OOM very early on the first couple pulls(like 45% HP remaining on boss). When I tried to slow down and manage my heals and mana my throughput when down significantly. There was another MW in my group with around 18k sustained HPS so I know I am doing something wrong.

Any raid healing/ mana management tips from some MW vets would be appreciated.

You should probably switch from focused thunder to upwelling if you want to increase raid healing.

Without a proper log we can't really tell what you're doing wrong. You should fully channel your essence font when raid healing is about to come in. Your revival and chiji should be timed for those big AoE hits (stagger the cool downs).

If you want to kick weave with rising mist your essence font should pretty much be cast on cool down and use thunder focus tea on your rising sun kick. The rising mist talent is really for the extended duration on hots throughout the raid.

Be sure to have renewing mist cast on cool down.

I've had large success with being a tank healer too because we can dish out so much burst healing. Just keep your renewing mist up and the vivify cleave will help a ton with your healing.

Edit: also look for azerite gear with essence font trait on it. It'll dramatically improve your raid healing output.
I was using mana tea mostly, but swapped to Spirit of the Crane for mana back on G'huun for that kill. ( possibly going to keep SotC unless I find it hard to work in globals to get TSs+BKs off

Make sure you carry tons of potions/food. ( the BFA recharge and quick use mana potions are both good to keep on you at all times )

One of 2 things is most likely happening and it's hard to tell without logs:

1- People are taking too much damage for how many healers you have. It's progression, so people are going to make mistakes and if you need to heal alot more to cover for those mistakes you are using tons more mana. This can only be done for so long. Eventually too many mistakes add up and the healers go OOM. It happened a few times on our tuesday run. Your group could also just need another healer if you have no dps issues or are running too many DPS.

2-You are healing more than you need to or using the wrong spells (possibly when you dont need to even be healing ) Like I mentioned above It's hard to tell without logs and for whatever reasons you could be casting/healing alot more than everyone else for some reason.
This can happen for different reasons such as : someone feeling like they need to top HPS charts all the time, a healer is covering for less geared or less experienced healers( or lack of healers+bad healer coordination ), a healer is using a certain spell or ability too much ( heavy aoe spells being spammed can most often do this ), A healer isnt making use of mana regen opportunities like potions/talents/downphases in boss fights......

Sometimes you really just dont need to be casting healing spells ( unless many mistakes are made ) and you can plan to dps (blackout kick and tiger strike ) for no mana or take Spirit of the Crane to regen mana in those times. Even without this ability one can be adding that mana free damage when no one really needs to be healed. The crackling jade lightning ability is also free and can add dmg if you are unable/afraid to get into melee.

Talents that deal with mana: Mana tea can be used when you know you will spam spells that would be mana heavy, though the GCD on it makes it less reliable in rush situations, try to finish with Essence Font if you need it. Lifecycles imo has more of a dungeon feel to it but if you are constantly rotating env/viv it will help.

I took chi burst and Upwelling for raids because it is a decent amt of healing added to our toolkit that doesnt cost mana. ( love upwelling when it is fully charged <3 ) Deff check out the talents on the peakofserenity site.

I think you get the point.

If you can go into more detail or provide logs it would help people analyze what is really going on in your specific situation.
Take upwelling, make sure it has a full 18 charge before casting font. Keep your hot on cd. Only use your +40% heal for tank healing. Always use tea before vivify if it's up. Stand behind the group so your chi burst hits most of the raid. Get yourself some of the mana pots that put you to sleep for 10 secs aND restore more mana than normal pots. Oh and I love me some healing chicken.
Dont use soothing mists unless you're going to use the full channel or most of it. Like don't use it just get one instant cast off. Hard cast more often.
09/12/2018 07:34 PMPosted by Miffie
Dont use soothing mists unless you're going to use the full channel or most of it. Like don't use it just get one instant cast off. Hard cast more often.

I'm maybe thinking you meant Essence font instead of Soothing Mist?

"It is almost always worth using Soothing if you want to cast EnM even if you don’t plan on continuing the channel after that."

Vivify is a different story, can read it in the link. Just dont abuse EnvMist in raids and like the above poster said mostly use it for tanks ( lots of tank dmg currently)

It's okay to cancel soothing mist early for whatever reason, just make sure you dont overheal+waste more mana ( it costs per tick ) if no one needs healing ( do dmg then ). It can also be used to move your serpent statue's cast around even if you dont plan to keep soo-misting that target.
Peace be with u, monk.
I have one mana return trinket ( darkmoon)

For fights I can go near the boss, I use crane kick. I just keep kicking from the start of the fight. Like Xul

For fights I cannot go near the boss often like ghunn, becos I am tasked as runner healer. I use mana tea

In raid I am always using swelling.
Aim for the most efficient spells if you know the fight is going to take a long time.
Having 3/4 renewing mists up before u use vivify spam is great, but requires foreplanning around 30s before the mechanic, and uses thunder focus tea.
Chi burst is great if you can line as many people In it, and spirit of the crane for building mana back.
Upwelling full charges and full cast essence font during damage. If no one is taking damage, maybe dps the boss more to get mana returns, instead of staring at frames ready to snipe the next damage.

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