Can you solo Echo of Gul'dan?

Holy cow this guy is nuts. Interupts have to be perfect to avoid his spells but he still hits like a truck. Plus at 20% he heals and goes back up to 50%. it is making me wonder if you can actually kill him.
Several have. Read the comments on how others have done it
It was extremely hard for me as a mage. Had to play perfectly. Granted that was like 10 ilvls ago. Took 6 tries. No self-heals is really tough.
Solo'ing Gul'dan was actually easy for me. But, I can't do Garrosh to save my life. I gave up, and I'm hoping in 2 years I can try again, and they don't scale it up.
Garrosh was the hard one for me, had to flask up, rune up, pre pot, food buff.

The other ones were easy.
I can't do Gul'dan either, my Demon Hunter failed several times. Ever been so frustrated and upset that you actually cried? lol I want my Mag'har and this is an impossible quest series.
If anyone wants to group to take this guy on, i'm game. Heard you can group with others just as long as they're doing the same quest.
Haha yeah no. not me anyway. I tried but died doing little to no damage to him then decided not to continue. Came here to see if anyone else was having issues and it appears so. No worries. No Mag'har for me though.
Soloed him after about two-three tries figuring out his patterns.

Second Wind and Storm bolt are major helps here. Second Wind for the heals and Storm Bolt for the extra interrupt.

Stay out of Felfire Efflux by not being in front of it and interrupt Death Coil whenever you can. He always casts it right when your interrupt comes off cooldown, so it's easy to predict.

Remember: He doesn't move at all from the spot he spawns on, so it's super easy to avoid basically everything. So if you need to, pull off, heal up and get back in there.
10/25/2018 01:41 PMPosted by Bromdai

Remember: He doesn't move at all from the spot he spawns on, so it's super easy to avoid basically everything. So if you need to, pull off, heal up and get back in there.

I said this in a previous post, but basically bring items. Health potions, augment runes, bandages, more bandages, and food. Go in with your rotation, hop out of his damage radius (I think I was near the Dark Portal), heal up, then go in again. Fight took me under 15 minutes. Zaela was pretty easy, and Garrosh you can kite up the ramp and just avoid his whirlwind as best as you can since it knocks you back. I was frustrated at first until I changed spec and just relied on healing items since I couldn't quite get the timing right with interrupting Death Coil. Anyway, just be patient with yourself. Good luck.
After failing and failing with my Demon Hunter, I got my Discipline Priest gear to 340 and gave it another shot. Well buffed! I went backwards in circles firing all I had at those guys and made it fine last night. My heart was pounding during those battles but I'm now the proud momma of a Mag'har Orc Priest. lol
I finally managed it as well. As a warrior taking stormbolt helped immensely as it's a ranged interrupt for death coil. he pretty much stands in one spot so if you leap, move, interrupt death coil it's not too bad.

Garrosh was an issue until i figured out not to continuously try and dps and just hit him while kiting the whirlwind counterclockwise and avoiding the iron stars. He did reset numerous times as i got too far away from him but in the end i got it done.

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