THE MOTHERLODE + Waycrest Music Box

Bug Report

The trinket Lady Waycrest's Music Box is bugged, and will pull extra mobs in THE MOTHERLODE dungeon.

On the ramp up towards the second boss, two times now I have had the DAMAGE portion of the trinket proc aggro the mobs at the far, far end of the ramp...dragging everything down below to us and wiping us.

If I do not DPS (hence, no damage proc), these mobs do not get aggroed. I physically saw the little black bolts that shoot out from my character leap from me and towards these mobs. Without this event happening, there is NO POSSIBLE way I could aggro these mobs, due to all the mobs between me and them.

TL;DR...trinket is proccing on mobs VERY FAR away, aggroing them, and wiping my group two times now (and I'd imagine more).
also it goes through walls and aggros in manor. happened to me about 10 times in the last 2 days in different dungeons. took me awhile to figure out it was my trinket wiping us during roadhog boss for example. the servants would just come running from super far away to kill us during the boss fight.
Happened to me too in Waycrest Manor. Logs to back it up.

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