Does ANYONE like RNG gearing?

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If you don't like titanforges, just vendor them.

If you goto the beach looking for seashells and don't find the best seashells within the first 5 mins, then stop looking for seashells.... There is other people that will put in the work for it and get a better collection than you and your quitting ways. By no means should you think you can blow up the beach and get away with it though, simply because you don't get your best seashells right away.

There is nothing wrong with finding $50 on the sidewalk... Just because you have only found a penny on the street does not mean they should dig up the entire sidewalk everywhere and get rid of it.

"guildmate does absolutely nothing and gets better gear than you" <--- Ya this is totally misleading and inaccurate information completely. Nice try though.
09/07/2018 12:53 AMPosted by Cyouskin
I really dislike Titanforging in it's current form.

I've severely reduced my playtime due to the RNG. I don't feel my time is worth the "chance at an upgrade." I'll do my raids be done. I want to earn gear, not "have the chance to earn gear."

What you really mean is that you dislike chasing the carrot you've put yourself on because guild mates might out DPS you! all elite players are this way!
activision/bliz wants a casino, players want a fun game

I miss the original WoW designers who also wanted a fun game, they've been bailing since late MoP
RNG has its place. But their should still be reliable, NON-PUNITIVELY GRINDY ways to do things like gearing.

I'm really not playing end-game content anymore because of RNGesus being a jackass to my characters.
Blizz RNG Rules: if the piece of gear you need is dropped by a particular boss, said boss will only drop every other item on it's loot table other than the one piece you actually need. This is your life now.. get used to it.

Case and point: my belt, still 340 while every other piece of gear I have is 355+

Apparently, somewhere along the line I offended Blizzard's RNGesus, and he has decreed that this particular toon shall henceforth never have a belt. Wonderful.. this is fun.

@Blizz: what steps should players take in order to win back the favor of your vengeful RNGesus? is there an altar we can pray at, or offer sacrifices at? let us kno kk? thx.
The current state of gearing has pretty well driven me away. The RNG is just out of hand - I've received 5 370 helms and 1 370 shoulders from emissary caches over the last couple of weeks. Not one robe.

I'm tired of the grind for a loot box gamble.

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