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09/09/2018 04:30 PMPosted by Everan
Blizzard stated they wanted to open another warfront maybe in Barrens I'm pretty sure..

So what does this mean?

it means we win the Battle for Stromgarde! We take Silvermoon for the Alliance, and in doing so high elves join the Alliance! The Alliance then push their way onto Kalimdor via Barrens! We win the war and enslave the horde races!

Hold tight alliance, our time will come!

omg I think we have confirmation of this!
It is possible that the next 3 warfronts have been revealed (so potential spoilers) I will link source below

essentially you can type a script into your chat window and it will return this text:
Barren Warfront: Attack the Southern Barrens and break through the great gates of Mulgore.
Silvermoon Warfront: Assault the final Horde bastion on the Eastern Kingdoms, and cleanse our land of their filth.
Azshara Warfront: Launch a massive Naval assault on the home of Gallywix, Bilgewater will burn.
Battle for Stromgarde: Donate supplies to the war effort as the impending battle over Arathi Highland nears.

So from the looks of it the Alliance are definitely winning the war and pushing back on the Horde!
Of course since its not straight from Blizzard I have no idea how credible it is, but it appears to be from just typing in a script in game sooo.

link to a video that explains this:

The Alliance have already won in my eyes!
This is the script:
/run for i=5,12 do local n,d = C_ContributionCollector.GetName(i), C_ContributionCollector.GetDescription(i) if n ~= "" then print(n..": "..d) end end

it essentially searches for whatever requires warfront contributions then lists their name and description. So I would presume it must be a pretty accurate source of information.
I don't really care who gets the benefit more. I just want to kill some horde scum. They deserve to be eradicated for burning down the world tree. Drive them back to the outlands

Unless they remove the crazy !@#$% and put saurfang as warchief. Then maybe peace be with Azeroth
Come on, we all know Alliance isn't going to actually win any of those. Even the one they should, Silvermoon, they will lose. Yeah it would have been the perfect way to introduce Alliance HE's but we all know they aren't going to do that either.

The devs are incapable of showing an Alliance victory in any form.

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