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I just started playing again after a long hiatus from WoW (been playing since launch through WotLK). It's been so long they cleared my names :(. I used to raid quite heavily but demands of work and family were too much. Now that I'm a decade older and my schedule more stable, I'm looking to get back into exploring some of the mythic content. I started as DH to get an extra 20 levels on my 80 level shaman. I'm playing as a tank just to take advantage of no wait queue but I'm flexible with the roles.

I'm wondering if there are any spots in casual raiding guilds where being an adult is allowed.

Discord Rhigos#4639
I sent you a discord friend request, technoshaman#5184. Hit me up and we can chat and see if <Quarantined> is a good match for you.
Greetings, your friendly neighborhoof Drunk Monk Tank! We are <Demonic>, been around on the server since day 11 or so of the server being alive. Getting back into the raiding scene and filling out slots slowly but surely. Whether we have to pug a few folks, or just run with folks in the raid, the clear is still possible and done!

Who are we looking for? Funny you should ask me so that I ask that in this statement! We are actively looking for anyone and everyone that is willing to put into the time to raid. Currently we raid {as a guild} one night a week, Monday starting at 6:30pm PST. We coordinate raids {Both normal and heroic} within a discord of folks from cross server but are actively trying to fill the raids within the guild itself.

Do you have to raid to be a member? Of course not! Anyone is welcome to the community and to take advantage of what we have to offer in terms of memes, public shaming of the Bald One named Danny and just enjoying the folks with M+'s.

Feel free to add myself btag is Ballinology#1473 or join the Discord if you are so inclined! https://discord.gg/WZfSGCH

TLDR : Looking for raiders, Monday 6:30pm PST is our only raid night atm {if the need/wants to add another night we would be interested but right now, the one night for clearing is fine =) }

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