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100% stolen by me to give more exposure to a post made by a very smart boomkin named Blindworld from our class forums. Actual detailed discussion of the issues facing the second lowest simming ST dps in the game (next to feral).

09/07/2018 06:33 AMPosted by Blindworld
Howdy CMs! Please forward these thoughts (or any of the other well done threads about Balance tuning) to the development team, thanks.

I'm sitting at nearly i350 now and have completed about 40 Mythic dungeons, including Mythic+ up to +5 and +6. I've also done 7/8 Uldir this week...

Balance is definitely lagging.

The principle issue is our single target damage although our AoE is disappointing too. There are numerous things that need to be addressed in this next tuning pass, including but not limited to;

Why is Starfall so terrible?
Why do our Empowerments feel so weak?
Why is our Mastery weighted so low as to be laughable?
Why are we so helplessly trait dependent?

1. Why is Starfall so terrible?

In Legion, Starfall was a big button. On any pull with greater than 2 mobs our Starfall grossly out-damaged a Starsurge and was the obvious choice. In BFA it is no longer a 2+ priority. Or a 3+. Sadly, given my own testing and the testing of the community, it would appear that Starfall only overtakes Starsurge at 5+ targets. How on earth did Starfall become so neutered over the course of 2 months that it went from being 2+ targets to 5+ target priority?! And it seems ridiculous to me that even on a 4-pull you're forced to Starsurge single targets... The [Lunar Sharpnel] talent was so heavily nerfed that it feels like hot garbage. With one trait of [Lunar Shrapnel] it barely touches Starfall performance. You practically need 3 traits for it to be noticeable. Even then it's underwhelming with our AoE being demonstrably out-shined by Rogues, DHs, Mages and Warriors that aren't forced to stack a 3x trait. And if you go this route, your Single-Target is horrifying. Please buff Starfall. By at least 50%. It should be your priority on 3 or more targets.

2. Why do our Empowerments feel so weak?

The principle issue with the underperformance of Balance single-target is the lackluster damage of our generators. At i350 my Solar Wrath is a baseline 2800 damage. With a Solar Empowerment it hops up to a whopping 3600 damage. Yeah buckle your seat belt, raid lead. I'm about to validate my raid spot with this 3600 damage casted spell. Lunar Strike is not a whole lot better. Our Empowerments should feel significant. It's an elegant way to incentive appropriate rotation use - which was your implied reason for nerfing the crap out of [High Noon] after all. Our Mastery needs to be like 30% BASELINE. It's ridiculous that if you have anything less than a show-stopping amount of Mastery (our worst stat) that you hardly feel incentivized to consume empowerments at all

Which leads us to...

3. Why is our Mastery weighted so low as to be laughable?

Mathematically, our stat weights are a mess. Haste is our best secondary, which is to be expected. But we have no further build synergy to offer another good secondary option. It's crit, just because? It should really be Mastery, as our Empowerments depend on it but Mastery is weighted SO LOW that even point-for-point the chance to critical grossly (almost double) outweighs Mastery. A higher ilvl piece with Mastery on it is almost a DPS loss. We need every point of Mastery to increase our Empowerment percentage by more than it currently does. I am not sure what factor would be fair, but it feels to me like 20-40%.

4. Why are we so helplessly trait dependent?

Man, I'm so glad Legion's RNG gearing is gone! I don't have to fish for months for that one legenedary item that makes me raid viab-- oh wait. Listen, Blizzard. [Streaking Stars] is a crappy trait. It's a stupid passive that doesn't really change our playstyle or add depth or immersion to our priority rotation. Sadly, it's our best trait. Hell, not even our best trait, it might as well be our only trait. 3x [Streaking Stars] is pretty mandatory if you want to parse anything above 50th percentile. At the cost of giving NOTHING to our AoE performance or our trash DPS (pretty important in Mythic+). [Power of the Moon] x3 can be argued for as well, as it does seem to be a net DPS gain on trash but it doesn't do much for our boss damage. Now that you've made it impossible to swap Azerite Gear mid-Mythic+ run (why?!) we are left to decide whether we want to contribute mediocre trash damage or mediocre boss damage to our groups. Certainly not both! We need this [Streaking Stars] damage redistributed throughout our baseline single target. Or, a more elegant solution; we could make [Streaking Stars] a talent in the final row, making Fury of Elune or Moonboi baseline. Shooting* Stars would have to be buffed to compete and then we would have a TALENT selection for AoE vs. Single Target.

In conclusion- I'm not suggesting all of these changes at once for risk of over-tuning Balance druids. But we need something. I would prefer we take our rightful throne as AoE monsters and leave our Single-Target middle of the pack. But right now we have neither, and no strong argument to bring us to raids and only our utility to argue our Mythic+ viability from. Please either buff the crap out of Starfall or our Empowerments or lightly tune up both so that I don't feel like a giant steaming pile of crawg dung every time I glance at the meters.
Our single target damage right now is abysmal, even when there's adds added into the mix with using a lot of different aoe talents and azerite choices, it still feels really low. I didn't realize how low it felt until I was in a raid setting, mythic plus it seems like the aoe damage over time works out alright.

I honestly think our improved moonkin form cooldown being baseline would help, or even starlord. And man, if we get interrupted or otherwise cced during our cooldown we're basically just playing catching up all raid. It's weird, because every one single of my abilities has the ability to cleave but our damage isn't amazing on cleave unless we can sit there and hit it for a really long time. Starfall doesn't feel like a good button to push anymore and I miss it :(.

Grabbin all the haste I can and hoping that this is just one of those things where moonkin needs all the haste to be effective which has been the case in the past.
hi, wow player since vanilla, this is about the worst place that both druid dps slots have been in, ever.

feral is getting a mediocre dps boost where it needs a full overhaul. balance is getting nothing where it needs a moderate dps boost. both of these things were identified in beta and should have been fixed.

please fix, thanks.
Moonkin Aura would fix up Boomies right quick. Same with Leader of the Pack for Feral. 5% haste for bringing a boomie, 5% crit for bringing a feral.
Agreed. It feels bad to have to farm for traits to have adequate dps. It also feels bad to have a high level azerite piece in my bags that is way worse than the 340.

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