After 16 years Night Elves are dead to me

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Blizzard has really killed off just about anything good I might've seen in the race. I used to be super into them even before WoW during WC3. I know this is a common complaint by now, almost a meme, but I'm mentioning it here because I've found that lately I feel nothing but disdain for Night elves. Blizzard really broke down anything that might've been good about them. At this point, I honestly would not care nor shed a tear if they were literally genocided. At this point their a vestigial to the Alliance.

Anything unique about their culture has been wiped out. Their home is gone, sacrificed on the altar of the faction war. And no, I don't care about any mealy-mouthed excuses about how they are supposedly still kicking. It means nothing to me anymore. I don't care that Shandris is supposedly "badass" in the Alliance War Campaign. I actually found her presence tiresome. I wouldn't have even cared if she ended up dying.

I used to be a huge Night elf nerd. Huge. I used to listen to the theme "Nightsong" from the Cataclysm soundtrack while PVPing on my Night elf characters. I've since deleted pretty much every Night elf character I had, aside from two. My first ever 60 Druid, and another Druid I started on my main realm. But even he will probably transferred into a KT Human or a Zandalari Troll. I don't even count my Demon Hunter because he has to be a Night elf if I want to play him as Alliance. I'd transfer him to another Alliance race if I could.

I know this rant means nothing to no one. I just felt like posting my thoughts on the public forum. After 16 years, after many hours of playing Night elves in the RTS and in the MMO, Blizzard has killed off anything I loved about Night elves. I don't even seek solace in what I used to like about Night elves, I actually retroactively dislike everything about them now.

One less thing tying me to this game. Good riddance.
You're upset now but will feel better later. Your Night Elf love is still there in your heart.


I dance in my garden at nighttime to crystal song forest

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We lost our home, but Night Elves are forever.
09/08/2018 08:20 AMPosted by Vahallae
We lost our home, but Night Elves are forever.

Indeed, as long as the Horde needs someone to bully in order to galvanize the rest of the Alliance to save the day, there will always be Night elves. They're like roaches at this point, really.
It IS good that this becomes a complaint, a common complaint because Blizzard needs to notice.

The Night Elves are not dead to me, but I am tired of just seeing ruins of them. Of just seeing "how great they were" and then, instead of helping them a bit, they make a Night Elf ripoff and gives them everything the Night Elves used to have.

Not only Malfurion is affected to a crappy powerup that Sylvanas received just because they love to a**pull things for the Horde, but any good thing the Night Elves does are reserved for books, and even these good things does nothing because in the end, the NE are always losing and losing. Never gaining ground.

In the end, Blizzard's behavior with the race is tiresome. Taking off the Horde/Human love a little bit would help. And no, not for a neutral Night Elf like Illidan or neutral NE in Valsharah that are BFF with the warmongering Horde. I want to see the ALLIANCE Night Elves doing something big or meaningful FOR THEM, not for the glory of the humans.

Something OUTSIDE of the humans. Blizz dropped the Orc favoritism on the Horde, when it's happening on the Alliance? Anduin doesn't need to step out of King of Stormwind for the NE/Gnomes/Dwarves to shine.
09/08/2018 08:20 AMPosted by Vahallae
We lost our home

Homes can be rebuilt. ie Silvermoon.
NE are still the only interesting race and the only reason i play Alliance. I wish tho BLizzard would lay off the human love. [u][/u]
09/08/2018 08:27 AMPosted by Natashha
09/08/2018 08:20 AMPosted by Vahallae
We lost our home

Homes can be rebuilt. ie Silvermoon.

lol do you guys hear that? she told a joke!

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