[H]LF Guild Weekday 7pm+ PST Can do any role

Mok'Nathal and Silvermoon
Recent transfer to Silvermoon to get to somewhere in my timezone. Was in a near dead guild of east coasters, now seeking a lively set of west coasters. As a Native Californian I’ve no explanation for why I ended up on an EST before other than oops and not needing to notice while guild was active and my work hours allowed for midday gaming... O.o

I’ve got a melee DPS at 120 / iLevel 342. But also a series of healers, tanks, and other things I could bring as needed.

Looking for folks active on weeknights (other than Friday) in the PST evening (7pm PST or later). Ideal preference is to main the DPS this expac but if not I can speed one of the healers through those last few levels, and if a group was desperate I could consider one of my former mains in a tank. ;)
Still looking, and this post is from my main BTW.

Looking for something that does dungeons, raids, and other content.

Not too hardcore, not so casual that they aren't even raiding, even with PUGs.

(As in... I'm fine with a guild that is too small to fill it's raid roster if it is willing to fill in the rest with PUGs, but not if it just gives up; which is what happened to the guild I joined when I transferred here).

I'm fine with progressing, I'm fine with wiping, I'm just not fine with giving up. :)

I play on weeknights, generally after 7pm PST. I used to be a tank/healer, so in the longer term I can have those ready again as offspecs / backups.
Love to have you here and available! Check us out <Dirty Horde> ;)

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