Alpaca mount.

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When is this happening?.... the story could be like Dolly n Dot have too many offspring.
Are Dolly and Dot PvP flagged? Asking for a friend.
Why would they need a story to implement that?
...they have small teeth, and they love to eat~
I want alpaca mount and pet :D
A wagon mount similar to dolly and dot would be pretty dang cool. Two passengers in the back, one on top, and one sitting next to driver.
It should be the racial mount of the Vuplera. If it isn't we riot!
I need this in my life...
Where is my alpaca mount, bliz!
Hippo mount has to happen.
09/07/2018 07:12 AMPosted by Stylo
Are Dolly and Dot PvP flagged? Asking for a friend.

You are an evil, evil man.

OP: If it were up to me, that's how the San'lyn would be introduced (Allied Race or not). The gnome that was killed in the Alliance assassination mission? The alpaca(s) we brought him were his, and he wants it (them) back now.
blizzard store incoming
09/13/2018 07:31 PMPosted by Bluudog
blizzard store incoming

$59.99 and 3 concurrent month sub required.
Alpaca mount, the mount that randomly spits on people's faces.

I want one!
Too many offspring? I'm all for a randy alpaca quest line.

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