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09/08/2018 04:16 AMPosted by Jaxonsackson
In all the years you've played, not once have you wanted to pursue some content that is even moderately difficult?

Why do you care how OP spends their sub time? M+ and mythic raiding isnt for everyone and shouldnt be the -only- avenue to obtain an ilvl of 340+

I'm in the same boat as you, OP. I've been a long time tank and a shadow priest and I dislike alot of things with BFA. Shadow is broken, along with tanks feeling not so good since they decided, after 14 years, to make magic damage unmitigated unless you talent a single ability to either get % reduction or immunity.

I've unsubbed until Blizzard gets their head straight and if they even care about the casual playerbase. I had high hopes for BFA and within a few weeks it was all stomped out.
The problem with the “Get Gud” comments is that there used to be room in the game for both good and less-good players. That’s one reason the sub numbers were so high: The breadth of appeal of the game.

I have always supported progression raiding and serious PvP even though I am not a good enough player to do those activities. Those are for you “gud” players.

But I used to enjoy questing, exploring, professions, LFR, normal and some heroic dungeons, collecting things...not unlike the OP. And this dev team has consciously removed our game from the game. Over time many of those activities have been made so unrewarding as to be pointless or have been gated behind more difficult content for no good reason.

I am sure many of you are fine with all players not like you being forced out of the game. But an MMO is healthiest when, like the real world, it is full of different kinds of people doing different things. The game really was better when it wasn’t being streamlined for Ion’s kind of player only.

OP, you have my sympathy. The current dev team doesn’t value a variety of play styles. That has killed my desire to play. I know how sad that feels.
09/08/2018 03:03 AMPosted by Crowlay
In a word...git gud!

That's two words, and it's REALLY easy for hunters to sit back and say them.

I understand your frustration, OP. I've done Mythics, in Legion I even soloed a couple bosses in HoV because there was a taming challenge in there for hunters. But they should stay optional content. Locking the main story finale behind one is ridiculous, and the real kicker is, I didn't get that on Hordeside. Only Alliance (unless I missed something, entirely possible). And that Mythic is still sitting there unfinished, I just watched the cutscenes on Youtube. My circle of friends are more casual than me, and who feels like dealing with PuGs that demand 340+ gear for 320 content?

Speaking of 340, I'm almost there. I don't feel much stronger at all, more stagnant than anything. They rendered two pet specs useless, nerfed their survivability to the ground, and put their heal on a CD, but that is a kvetch for my own thread.

I loved the leveling experience for the most part The zones and quests are strong, I was impressed. But the endgame content is a mess. :/
I’m a casual. I play at most two hours a night.

In legion I done mythics and got flying.

So far I’ve unlocked three allied races (including the mag’har Orcs)

Almost got my gear to 340.

Only need two reps before pathfinder part one bfa is done.

Working on exalted for the others.

If you want to achieve things you’ll find a way, if you’re just going to be a defeatist then you’ll find a way to fail.
you should do a few dungeons, they are pretty fun. plus there is loads of free gear in arathi highlands.
09/08/2018 03:50 AMPosted by Humbøldt
You need to get outside and find a life. You should not be emotionally torn over a video game.

That is an utterly ridiculous comment. It is totally normal to feel really sad when something you spent hours enjoying is no longer enjoyable. That happens to people ALL THE TIME.
I'm the King of Filthy Casual, and I rather enjoyed what they did with professions in Legion, with the skill ranks and the different ways to acquire them. People had complained for ages how grindey and bland they were before.
Some of this expansion I really like (overland quests), some of it not so much (tired of the mission tables). Hopefully, over time they will tweak things so that it is smoother (levels 118 and 119 felt really off).

The one thing I suggest is that you pick out world quests that have armor upgrades. After a while that will make things easier. I had a bunch of dungeons in my quest book that I hadn't done in legion. I went back and did those as they are pretty easy now that I'm 120 and have OK armor. So if you have anything left to do in legion, you could go back for that.
09/08/2018 03:02 AMPosted by Rechab
This expansion is not what I expected either. I'm not at the point I want to unsub but it leaves a lot to be desired. I understand the frustration, believe me. I haven't seen this much crying since WoD.

There were cries and moans ion Legion over AP grinds and legiondaries but it wasn't as negative and widespread as this, to the best of my recollection. Certainly not this early on at least.

I'm pretty casual but I'm going extra mega super casual for this expansion, at least for the near future.

ive done sooo many BT runs.
Well... I have to disagree with the OP... I'm about as filthy a casual as you can get, I play 3 to 4 hours a week, usually on one, maybe two days if I'm lucky... I'm married with a 2 year old and another one on the way, so I haven't had a ton of time to play BFA so far, but I thoroughly enjoyed the mythic and mythic plus systems in legion...i could log in and burn through a couple Mythic plus dungeons in a session, and know i would have something good waiting for me in a chest next far as raiding goes i couldn't tell you because I don't have time to commit to it (I just sightsee in LFR)... path finder is annoying but it has been for years... just complete the story quests and you will get it eventually

Instead of crying about things, why don't you just try stepping outside your comfort zone? You don't have to be 'hardcore' as you put it to do mythics... I mean really... you just have to know mechanics and not stand in fire... anyways I haven't posted on the forums in about a year, but I saw this and had to comment because I think you're limiting yourself, just go for it and try something new, mythics aren't that much harder than heroic.... that being said I haven't gotten there yet in bfa... :p

Anyways, I wish you best of luck and hope things end up working out in a way that's good for you. Cheers!

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