Moose Monk or Shaman

Just unlocked the Highmountain Tauren want your opinions on Shaman (enhance?) For Solo DPS (pve).

I was also considering a monk (hence the title)

Thanks in advance.
If you plan on playing solo either will do just fine. I have enjoyed both a lot though it has been sometime since I have touched my monk.
They are both good and fun. I would do a test trial with both classes and see which one you like the most. Try all specs.
Thanks. I forgot about that test trial option.
Moose were made to be shaman.
09/07/2018 02:24 PMPosted by Orhanto
Moose were made to be shaman.

Haha, that's kinda the RP feel I had for the race, but monked cool too as a moose.
Do both like I did.
I can only imagine a dps monk with roll, flying kick, and bull rush lol.
As enhance its troll or nothing elses. Berserking racial is just to strong for the spec.

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