[A] <Barry Boswell> Needs You!

Greetings travelers! Have you heard about the exploits of my great king? Well surely you have. I, Smelliot, have been hand selected from quite a large stack of applicants to be the official herald of Barry Boswell and I bring with me the greatest of news. You too can become one Barry's chosen champions, also known as Barry's Boys.

<Barry Boswell> is a newly formed casual raiding guild and we've recently just opened our doors up to new members. We are currently seeking all classes and roles. With a high priority for healers, a windwalker, and a warlock.

Raid Schedule: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7pm - 10pm eastern with a potential Saturday group in the works.

We also like to PvP. I will be putting together RBG groups in the next few weeks to run on Sundays.

We use discord and are usually always in it. We encourage all our members to come in and join us for the fun. It is a requirement for our raids and working mic is desired but not necessary. The majority of us have played together for a very long time. We have a lot of laughs and are really hoping we can extend the Boswell family.

Add me on btag: slingshotdan#1731 or whisper myself, nob, drumbum, or jabukie in game for more info.

Barry is a stern yet fair king. A great ruler, and most importantly he holds all his Boys in high regard. We champion his cause by donning his banner and slaying all threats within the realm. Our greatest reward is climbing the Ladders of Barry to reach the ninth level of boyhood and finally awaken our slumbering king.
Would a resto shaman be welcome?
09/10/2018 03:02 PMPosted by Wainsley
Would a resto shaman be welcome?

Of course!
Feel free to message me in game if you see me on or BNET RossTheBoss#1763

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