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Real talk. Having to relearn my main character not because its been awhile but because you turned my wheels into rectangles is. not. fun. Please stop.
I wish I gave MoP the credit where credit was due at the time because holy heck as it has been after has been a turbulent ride.
Canceled my subscription because the class I've loved since 2004 (Rogue) is no longer fun to me.

I hate the new class fantasy, I hate that all my favorite buttons were pruned, I hate the entire design direction of the class.

The people designing Rogues in Legion and BFA have absolutely no idea what they are doing and I'm not going to pay for this badly designed product.
221 upvotes in only 3 days and you still aren't listening to us, you won't even acknowledge that we exist. How many highly upvoted and capped threads will it to take for you to even admit that a problem exists?

Shame on you Blizzard your silence and inaction is despicable.
Im pretty sure Blizzard is gearing up for a Console release, so the GCD change & ability pruning will likely stay & get worse, MOP design would be nice though.
Oh MoP destruction how i miss thee.
I remember how MoP was awesome because you could play how you wanted to and if you knew what you were doing, you could rock it. I remember being a Frost Mage and was pulled into a pug group for one of the earlier MoP raids. Several people were like “Kick him, he’s in the wrong spec” I said “Let me fight one boss and you’ll change your mind”. Highest DPS. It was so unique because whatever spec you wanted to play, if you put that energy into it, if you learned how to play that class and master it, you could dish out insane damage. I miss those days. Now, looking at IcyVeins and seeing how the DPS stacks at a point where EVERYONE seems on par (I checked about a month or so ago so it may be different now) it seems like they either buffed several classes to be more easily played, or they dumbed down everyone else so it became an even playing field. It sucks. I miss my OP as balls Frosty. I miss my Prot Warrior. I miss my Sub Rogue. It’s just so bland now.
Bump this thread until cap. Absolutely agree.

I want you back Metzen..
Don't you know if you want even a fraction of your abilities lost you have to pvp now!
I pretty much only play locks. We were so well done in MoP. The class is still playable, but some of these changes are just changes for the sake of change. I am sick and tired of having to relearn my class each expansion. I don't know why they had to remove Doomguard and Infernos as perma pets and once again make them just a buff pet, and why remove lifetap? I am sure there are other things missing but these two are most noticeable.
I miss MOP Arms Warrior design (and some other specs too)
09/10/2018 07:29 AMPosted by Beraaht
Yeah, let's go back to having 100% uptime on raid wide cooldowns for a fight, where you Ret #1 Devo -> Ret #2 Devo -> Bal Druid #1 Tranq -> Ele Sham #1 Healing Tide -> Holy Pal #1 Devo.... so that fights are tuned around this, and your typical pug can't do it unless they massively crush it gear wise.

Let's go back to tanks that need no outside healing whatsoever. Healing Taken : 99% self heal. Which healer snipped a heal between ticks of Eternal Flame ?

Some of the specs had fun elements that were gone. Some got some issues fixed that made them a pain to play. Ret had baseline Inq (now a talent, thank god) and 2 unsynced DPS cooldowns (but why. Why is it fun to have GoaK+AW on different timers ?).

Talent rows that are about ST vs AoE (which we all know people loved in Legion!)

People with nostalgia have a problem that they don't actually remember what led to the changes we got. They only remember the rosey aspects.

Stop been delusional berry, you think the current class balance works better?

I rather they fix some of the ability than remove every single one that they dislike.
09/10/2018 04:44 AMPosted by Desyre
Ghostcrawler said it best. When designers are balancing the game; one of their considerations is: "The Grandma demographic."

This is the WoW we live in now.

I'm a Grandma and I don't like the ability pruning, maybe he needed to change it to the millenial demographic, they seem to like everything easy.
rehire xelnath.
09/10/2018 01:56 AMPosted by Zahruk
no, stop whining, it's ok

MoP was a traffic jam ability wise anyways

the game evolves, I don't know how I feel about this all-GCD scheme (not really on board with that) but it's ok

Lol, how is actively removing abilities instead of expanding on them (in an EXPANSION) better for the game? It's not. Hacktivision won't even release subscription numbers anymore because it's been a downward trend since this garbage merger ever happened.
09/10/2018 11:15 AMPosted by Zalathel
The pruning I understand why people get upset. Completely fair and I agree. On the other hand the rest is purely opinion.

Do you know how many threads say oh "MOP was best for my Y class" oh " PVP season X was so good for my spec"...

Warlocks really were at the top in MoP we went from being one of the two least played classes to being flavor of the expac. I didn't even have to try at topping the dps charts it just happened.
/all hail Xelnath! He took everything that was wrong with the class and made it right. Now we've gone backwards.
Yeah, Stampede was actually awesome and not that dumbass crap they changed to during Legion and BfA.
I wish mop came back. My sub is gonna finish in like an hour and i don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon :( I’ve always loved blizzard but it’s just not as fun to play a pruned class.

Mop warriors(second wind) were amazing, destro warlocks with their heals were so amazingly fun to play even though it was a bit op. Unholy dk and resto shaman were my mains in mop and wow I miss them.

I tried to keep playing, I went back to all my alts to see if I can enjoy it, but nothing hits the spot. I just can’t enjoy the class when what they used to be was much more fun.
The happiest I've been playing a class/spec was as a survival hunter in Siege of Orgrimmar and early to mid WoD. I had some issues with the spec (and some minor ones with Beast Mastery, which was my preferred offspec) and I can't say I enjoyed SoO or WoD raids so much, but for actually playing my character, it was heavenly.
they have gone way to far in terms of pruning abilitys

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