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I'm in the same boat as Pao, got my war effort 870 wand with nothing but a 273 off-hand.
09/07/2018 09:26 AMPosted by Teneea
Nothing is wrong, RNG is just being RNG.

You can probably buy one on the AH that's around 300. Also, this makes me realize I haven't seen a single off-hand caster item offered as a WQ reward. Hmm.

same thing here. I've gotten like 3 epic 1 handers and haven't seen a single offhand for casters drop for my druid, like ever. At least i got lucky and a guildie traded me a TF serpent staff.
I keep getting high ilvl gear with bad stats, but it's so much higher ilvl than what I have that it's theoretically an upgrade over pieces with stats I ACTUALLY want - like enough haste to actually perform my rotation and actually do fight mechanics
Trying to get an off hand shield for ELE is like pulling teeth I had to buy a I lvl 300 off ah and I've ran plenty of mythics also ran uldir still nothing
Spam Tol Dagor +2 until your eyeballs fall out or you finally get the Rattling Jar of Eyes, it’s worth it. Try to run with mages and warlocks if you can for the bigger loot table
I have a 370 off-hand sitting in my bag doing nothing because I have no weapon to pair it with. It's stupid that you need to get two absurdly rare drops compared to just getting a two hand drop. Feels like a waste.
09/07/2018 09:23 AMPosted by Hydrofoil
How is it even possible that I have yet to see ANY off hand weapon drop with the exception being quest reward. I have an 350 dagger and a 280 off hand....

I have ran 50 regular dungeons 30 heroics and about 15 mythics. Something must be wrong.

That is your issue, you need to be running M+ and spamming the dungeon you need. I’d you are running that many dungeons it means you are running all dungeons. And not all dungeons drop an offhand meaning you wasted your time if you did that. Go to find a group and look for +2s for a specific dungeon. Rinse and repeat
I know the feeling, 370 main hand - 340 offhand.
09/10/2018 03:52 PMPosted by Pao
yesterday I got a 370 one-hand weapon, now i need an off-hand :(

I'm in the same boat now! /cry
I am using a crafted off-hand 'til I see something drop that's better.
09/07/2018 09:35 AMPosted by Nephis
A lot of folks have noticed weapon drops barely exist this expansion.
I think it's to force you to grind the warfront till a wep drops...twice for a dual wielder.
When warfronts are up spam then you will get a 340 off hand, good for leveling alts, not a lot of fun though
09/07/2018 09:34 AMPosted by Snowfox
Every expansion I end up doing a staff instead of something+offhand.

It's because you only have to win the staff, and you get the ilvl upgrade.

For something+offhand, I have to win RNG twice.

The math sets us up for this situation.

I finally got both. Nothing off hand is even on the AH.
why is it that the azurite gear off my emissary quests bump up to 370 to keep up with my level but none of the other gear from the emissary quests does the same?
There is a WQ called "Like Fish in a Barrel" in Tiragarde Sound that has a 330 caster off hand reward
Right now I have a staff equipped, but I have two bag slots holding my best main and off hand drops. You never know when either or might drop. I learned this lesson the hard way and will not repeat it.
My druid is in a 370 staff. I've gotten a number of main hands that are 370 but not a single off hand past 340.

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