Small guild hoping to grow big

Dawnbringer and Madoran
The world is more fun with a crew! <Wildcoast Guerrillas> is looking for heroes (New or Vets) to join its ranks. We're a casual guild hoping to build new friendships and create lasting memories.

HMU for an invite or any questions.

Perks / Pros
New players have access to the guild bank that is regularly stocked with bags, food, potions, convenience items like gliders, mount buffs, and more.

As GM I am on frequently and will be able to answer questions and give advice. May even have a character around your level to join your adventures.

We're small so if anyone joins with an interest in helping lead the guild, there is room to become a officer.

With less than 20 players at the moment, we need members interested in building a community and getting their friends to join.

No planned events/raids/pvp as of yet but when its possible there will be. For now I hope new members come together to create groups and battle through content when they're online.

Thanks, and hope to meet some of you soon.

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