Disconnect on invalid addon message, can't reconnect

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I had a malfunctioning addon that caused me to disconnect when I died in an instance.

To reproduce this crash, type this:
/run C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage("Test","","WHISPER",UnitName("player"))

However, after I try to reconnect, I get the WOW51900319 immediately after logging in, even with all addons turned off.

I have to wait until someone in my guild tells me the "[Character] has gone offline." message goes off (~1 minute after DC) before I can log in again.
Which addon did you have using the command? The issue itself looks to be due to the text paramter as the following command works without disconnects:

/run C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage("Test"," ","WHISPER",UnitName("player"))
It's an addon I was working on. Fortunately, the bugged code never made it to the public. I accidentally sent an empty string because of a typo causing the value to be blank instead of containing the proper text. I noticed that using this, I could reliably cause my client to disconnect.

I'm reporting this so hopefully C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage can be updated to properly handle an empty string (ignore it, throw a lua error, etc.) rather than disconnect the client.

The WOW51900319 error appears to be the same issue several other people have reported where they get immediately disconnected after logging in if their character wasn't "offline" yet after reconnecting.

By using the string and trying to reconnect immediately after, I can reliably reproduce the WOW51900319 error.

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