Class Tuning September 11

Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes
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6% buff to Fire mages? ... when they're doing 40% less damage than the top performing specs?

Yes! Arms we made it! We didn't get nerfed in PvE!!

Pvp nerfs are coming .....
LOL it just gets better every time i log in to this garbage friends asks me hey u think i should get BFA and come back to wow? me "yea sure if u love half designed and put together games with developers who apparently have never even installed the game and oh yea every ability on a gcd and classes that literally cant even do dmg because basic fundamentals/mechanics are missing" take your 60 and set it on fire youll be happier
Is this post a joke? Balance druid hello?! The most trait dependent spec in the game gets ignored? Bottom of the charts trash dps without stacking streaking stars. What even are you all doing over there? Rolling in the BFA money laughing at us?

Feral only 5% boost? You devs are so disconnected from this game it's an absolute joke.
warriors? hello? blizzard? hello? hello?
Arms needs pvp nerfs. NOT pve.
09/07/2018 05:23 PMPosted by Impurian
09/07/2018 05:17 PMPosted by Booze
Elemental shaman hello?
Another expansion goes by and Ele continues to get the shaft. Whats new
09/07/2018 05:13 PMPosted by Kaivax

Summon Darkglare damage reduced by 20%.

Really? Not cool dude.
We're borderline unplayable in PvP, almost every lock i've talked to is struggling and this comes along? Not cool man, just not cool. Damned pinko raiders screwing us over time and time again. I bet mythic is the real reason we don't have howl of terror and shadowfury anymore. Just insulting at this point.

To use a Pokemon analogy, we went from ubers/ou to uu/nu and now we're getting nerfed because we're too strong vs the elite four.

I can understand it from a raid perspective 100. We're insane over there single target, we're basically top of the pack, but we're starved for mobility, globals, basically every conceivable resource in arenas and rbgs (not out but i'm 2.1k exp i kinda can tell from randos what that hellscape will look like, and it's not gonna be friendly to casters); this isn't doing us any favors when rogues can take you from 75% to 5% in a single global
I have the receipts for that i seen it
them's the receipts

you're literally just going to stack as many rogues as humanly possible. rogues to sit bases, rogues to run flags, rogues as your go to melee dps
you'll have mages to sheep and like disc priest healers, maybe a BM'll sneak through because 5%'s not going to stop the express ticket to brown town.

it's not so much that rbgs won't exist, they'll also be an unplayable mess of a joke and the prune is exclusively to blame.

but i guess casters magically don't need stuff off global to escape smoke bombs, i just gotta get gud.

this is doing us zero favors. my sub's going to run out and this kinda stuff almost blacklists me from +2k, so why should i play when i hate RNG gear, RBGs straight up don't work, and i'm borderline banished to underused/neverused tiers?

If it's not fun, why bother? if it's not a battle, where's the fun?
well, its not gonna fix Spriest clunkiness.... but WE BACK BOIS!
Why did holy priests get a nerf? LOL
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if balance druids just started mass unsubbing, how TF do you actually ignore the lowest single target in the game on top of the most trait dependent spec. Stack streaking stars or be useless in raids. Stack POTM /lunar shrapnel or be useless in M+.

Seriously don't know what numbers you're looking at to tune this way
nice a buff
Excellent design pushing nerfs that will affect sub rogues in PVP no later than 24 hours after you just pushed nerfs that will affect sub rogues in PVP.

So in the last 48 hours a sub rogue in arena has received: -25% flat crit from Phantom Assassin nerf, a 10% reduction in shadowstrike damage, a 15% reduction in eviscerate damage, a 10% reduction in blade in the shadows (our highest simming azerite trait), and now a -5% flat aura nerf.

Do you guys not have someone who coordinates between PVP and PVE balance changes? If that position is open I'd love to apply
09/07/2018 05:40 PMPosted by Babyrabbits
Yes! Arms we made it! We didn't get nerfed in PvE!!

Pvp nerfs are coming .....

@Kaivax when it comes to balance passes why are tank specs usually just completely left out, can understand not wanting to disrupt an integral component of raiding guilds and dungeon groups but the difference between current FOTM spec's and others is quite large as can clearly be seen by class representation within heroic raids, the disparity is even more pronounced in m+
Holy Light and Flash of Light healing increased by 7%.

Smite damage reduced by 9%.

First, pre patch you nerf Disc's dot and Smite damage.
Second, you nerf our Azerite trait for Smite.
And you nerf Smite again after that.

But you feel Holy needed some love. Ridiculous beyond words.

Obviously none of you know what a Holy Paladin can do healing AND dps wise. I'd suggest your developers actually get out there and play these classes because this wreaks with incompetence.
5% isn't a big deal compared to how much mobility we have, simming on par with Marksmanship who has to stand still. BM never has to stand still.

That being said, I would much prefer my MM/SV brothers and sisters get a PvE buff than us BM hunters getting a nerf. I haven't tried MM in PvE (I haven't felt a need to swap out of BM for anything, but I guess that's the problem), but our local SV hunter isn't feeling too good about his spec right now. And that makes me sad.

Please consider helping my friends out. :)

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