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I play Ally only nowadays and then watch the Horde cinematics on youtube.
No thanks. Being pigeon holed into playing both faction for unlocks cause devs figured they could get people to play more locking story behind factions is not my idea of a good time. If the devs and blizzard aren't going to value my time, i'm not going to value them. But continue...
Just what we need, a rep slog for 2 or more characters.
I play my horde and alliance equal amounts and am so glad I did that.
I want to, but i just don't feel like it.
Hell no. Not going to grind AP and Rep all over again, regardless of what the ally story offers. It already feels like a chore.
hell no.
Because leveling 1-120 is slow as frozen molasses now. I've never been overly interested in the Horse and don't have a toon over their 40s. Just trying to level my VE and LF are slow enough.

They took a steaming dump all over dungeon XP and it's "working as intended" now... even with a full set of heirloom gear.
This is the first expansion that I dusted off my Alliance player for. It is nice to have a unique storyline on both factions.
This game is more fun when you play both sides.
Too bad having alts this expansion is so unfriendly, have fun farming rep with Magni
Well if you want to do war mode then thats a horde only event lol
Already on it.
I refuse. This is one expansion that I'm picking sides because it makes it more engaging for me.

I don't care about Horde this time around, if it's red it's dead.
I intend to max an alliance character this expansion simply because I love the Alliance region visuals. Maybe I'm the weird one.
I highly recommend going to suck a lemon I have no wish to be an errand girl for the lich queen and watch characters that I actually used to like such as Lilian go all hail the forsaken and actually raise more to deal with their curse. Warfronts should not be rotation based and I don't give a fig about the horde storyline.
09/11/2018 06:42 AMPosted by Cryssi
I agree, I've leveled an Alliance to 120. I just don't want to do the war campaign all over again, and its only because of the rep. If the rep were gone, I'd do it. I got to the second quest in the series at 120, it seemed pretty good.

Just ignore rep. Honestly I made a horde and just plan to do the story and pvp with him.
09/11/2018 07:52 AMPosted by Narcd
I refuse. This is one expansion that I'm picking sides because it makes it more engaging for me.

I don't care about Horde this time around, if it's red it's dead.

Same, I simply have no fun at all playing Horde. Especially with the major hypocrisy from its characters since Teldrassil.

I'm staying blue no matter what.
09/11/2018 06:41 AMPosted by Noheakoa
Playing both factions this expansion.

If you don't play both, you will miss out on half the content that was created. Literally a complete story line with separate factions this expansion

Playing both also lets you participate in both types of war front activities each week instead of being locked into one or the other as they are rotated each week.

You paidfor the expansion, why not enjoy all the content?

So if you aren't a fan of trolls (the playable races, not the internet version) nor a fan of Sylvanas, what exactly is there on the horde story for you?
I leveled a horde character to see the horde quests, which were often very different, with neutral overlap (like Argent Dawn). But the differences diminished over expansions, until there was very, very little different between the two factions, which was disappointing.

BFA has entire zones dedicated to two different story lines; I have two 120s, one horde, one alliance. I really liked the horde questing zones. I really liked the alliance questing zones.

...I find Nathanos and Sylvanos eye-rolling, but there's not a lot of the Banshee Queen (so far), and honestly, I'm following horde story lines to see what happens with Saurfang (which, so far, is nothing). But: I like that there's once again a reason to play both.

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